SHOULD the Suspension of the SLMDA President Be Invoked?

img: Aerial view of the medical complex near the Millennium Highway with OKEU Hospital at the forefront.

THE EDITOR: The president of the SLMDA has once more injected his political ideology into the passing on of a patient under dialysis treatment before the post mortem results were made available.

But more importantly, it is the wrath of the Chief Medical Officer which gave the public an overview of the facts.

In light of this disturbing press release, the SLMDA should immediately suspend the president of his duties until the facts are fully uncovered, as, what the president has done is to undermine the very institution he represents.

The SLMDA president should realize that his ongoing criticisms of the current administration is completely unusual and it is indeed quite sad that he continues on a path that merely questions his professionalism.

It is never too late to revisit one’s weaknesses and we recommend that the process of revisitation starts sooner rather than later. (Oswald Augustin)

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  1. That would suit you perfectly Mr Common sense. I would thought Mr Common sense the PM owe an expression of remorse and sorrow to the family of the the young man who died during dialysis. His remarks were ill advised and very insensitive and very undiplomatic and heartless. It leads me to whether this has a heart and ant feeling at all. I remember him saying he understands why one would want Dr anthony dead instead of rebuking the person who felt that way. And now he seem to be taking the same position in the name of politics. If the support services did not have the potential save lives I don’t think they would exist in a hospital setting. In any event why was the patient to VH?

    A definite parallel can be drawn with the joke that was taking at GONS in Vieux Fort. Carrying out refurbishment work on the building with patients and staff is madness for the same reason that construction workers on a building site have to have PPE just to be there in the place. Depending on their specific task they may require additional or more appropriate PPE. Now that does not mean their protective clothing will negate all risk but it will provide a degree of protection which otherwise they would not have.

    Dr Clark there is a difference in dying knowing everything possible was done to prevent the death and in dying knowing even if there was a chance of survival what could have brought about that possibility was removed.

    To all those who find nothing wrong in what the PM said I say this: today it is the young man from Dennery tomorrow it could be any one of you. He may well have been a Chastanet supporter. There is a well known proverb which go like this: when you see your friend’s beard on fire look for water to soak yours.

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