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Opposition Leader Demands Answers On Latest Sale Of Government Bonds

Image of Philip J Pierre

OPPOSITION Leader Philip J. Pierre says the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) “makes no apology for requesting answers to questions that concern the tax payers of Saint Lucia.”

In a statement yesterday, the SLP Leader said, “We will always give special attention to the hard-earned savings at the NIC of the pensioners of our island.”

Image of opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre
Opposition Leader Philip J. Pierre

Responding to government’s response to his party’s earlier statements of concern about its handling of NIC monies, the Opposition leader said: “We note the arrogant and mudslinging response of Ubaldus Raymond.

“In his usual style, he attempts to attack and vilify the Opposition for asking pertinent questions on behalf of the people of Saint Lucia.

“But the SLP will never be silenced with intimidation, threats or vindictiveness of the UWP.

Notwithstanding the response by Minister in the Ministry of Finance Ubaldus Raymond, the Opposition Leader said his party still needs answers for several questions, including “the names of the persons, companies or institutions that purchased bonds in the most recent sale of Saint Lucia government bonds.”

In addition, Pierre wants to know “whether the NIC purchased additional shares in the latest sale, thus increasing the NIC holdings of Saint Lucia Government Bonds.”

Another question is “whether the Corporation rolled-over any of the Saint Lucia Government Bonds that they had originally held in the most recent transaction.”

Pierre also asks: “Did the Saint Lucia Government purchase $5million worth of their own bonds in that latest sale of bonds?” and he also wants to know “What is the balance on the sinking fund at 30th June, 2018?”

The Opposition Leader called on Minister Raymond to “answer these questions, so that the public of Saint Lucia can have an accurate and truthful picture of the situation regarding the earnings of the pensioners of Saint Lucia.”

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