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Minister Says Stronger Cooperatives Will Help Combat Climate Change Impacts On Fisheries

Image of Minister for Agriculture, Ezechiel Joseph

AGRICULTURE and Fisheries Minister Ezechiel Joseph marked last Friday’s observance of Fishermen’s Feast with a speech addressing the adaptation of the sub-sector to climate change and how cooperatives will play a critical role in circumventing its negative impacts.

Minister Joseph made it clear that he is convinced that stronger cooperatives will help the fishing sub-sector prevail over the damage caused by climate change.

“As a ministry, we are firm in our conviction that stronger cooperatives can only augur well to help overcome the negative impacts of climate change” said Joseph in his address on Friday.

He also said that the theme for this year’s observance of the Fishermen’s Feast — “Fishers Adapting to Climate Change through Co-operatives” — is very fitting as, “We have all witnessed the negative impact of climate change on the economic activities in this sub sector.”

The fishing cooperatives around the island were reassured by the Minister that “the Department is committed to giving support to the many established co-operatives to encourage the proper functioning of these organisations.”

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