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Carnival celebrations in Roseau Valley ended prematurely after several revelers were involved in a freak accident just after Mon D’or.

According to one eyewitness, as the truck began ascending up a hill revelers legs got entangled into the protective ropes behind the truck and were dragged uphill as the truck accelerated.

It is reported that the ropes were being used to separate reveler sections from road side invaders in the community band.

As a result, persons sustained multiple injuries, including abrasions to their arms, legs, chest, and faces. One female reveler was reported to have been laying on the road with blood flowing from her head.
Medical respondents were quickly deployed to scene with at least two ambulances reported to have arrived on the scene minutes after the distress call was made.

So far there have been no confirmed deaths.

Earlier this morning, the community of Vieux Fort woke up on a somber note as news of the tragic death of Rena Eugene as a result of a vehicular accident made rounds in the community and on social media platforms.

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