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Government Must Fix The Healthcare Crisis It Created!

AFTER over two years of indecision and secret arrangements with foreign businesses, the government of the UWP has announced a panel discussion to discuss the serious healthcare crisis in Saint Lucia.

It is now 64 days since the Minister of Economic Affairs promised a statement from the Prime Minister.

However, the position of the Saint Lucia Labour Party on the health care crisis remains clear:

1. The government is urged to continue the reconstruction and complete St. Jude Hospital at the present Augier site. Two years of abandonment of the project by the UWP government is unacceptable and continues to put the lives of the patients and medical staff at the George Odlum Stadium in harm’s way.

2. The Saint Lucia Labour Party does not support the idea of privatisation of the operations of the Owen King EU Hospital and the St. Jude Hospital.

3. The Soufriere Hospital has also been neglected by the UWP government and needs to be refurbished and occupied by the patients and healthcare professionals at the earliest.

4. We continue to call for Universal Health Care where all Saint Lucians, regardless of social status, can get access to affordable healthcare. As has been stated before, much preparatory work had been done on Universal Health Care by the former Saint Lucia Labour Party government, with assistance from healthcare experts local and international.

The Prime Minister has demonstrated his contempt for Saint Lucians over and over. Anyone who disagrees with the Prime Minister has been insulted and ridiculed, professionals (including doctors and nurses) continue to be mocked and accused by the Prime Minister and his Ministers. (SLP)

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