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The Sensible Way Forward For Health Insurance

THE EDITOR: Albert Einstein clearly defined that if a problem exists, and the results are unsatisfactory, the only way of achieving the desired results is to adopt a new approach.

Based on this formula, it brings to the forefront the necessity of addressing the state of our health care industry which has failed the reality and expectations of the nation for over 20 years.

The current administration has, therefore, visited the Albert Einstein approach to determine the best way forward which hinges on change by way of a health care insurance plan coupled to a form of privatization.

It is, therefore, very strange that the president of the SMDA can attempt to defy a legally constituted administration by way of contesting a decision in the interest of the under-privileged citizens of St. Lucia.

One does not have to be a genius to follow the thoughts of the current administration where $100,000.00 per annum will be accessible to the under privileged to ensure a relatively stable form of health security. Should the under privileged be denied of such access?

The proposed privatization will assist government’s revenue stream in building a stronger and more reliable health industry for the betterment of the nation as many persons who are financially able to address proper health care tend to go abroad and secure those services, whereas, if high tech services are made available within the privatization format that revenue will find its way through the government’s coffers and that is the rationale for the privatization plan.

Oswald Augustin


  1. Simplistic and lacking in any foundation for the opinion posited save that it hinges tentatively upon a quote by Albert Einstein.

    We have entered an era of “half-truths” and “lies and obfuscations in high places”…should give us a glimpse of what comes next.

  2. Do you speak of the same revenue streams that allowed the Allen Chastenet led administration to gift Sandals 24 million? The arguments here lacks depth and critical thinking. Clearly under your government proposed plan you would have been wise to articulate how such a scheme will be funded. Are you going to increase taxes to fund this idea? How do you propose self employed people pay for such a plan when you cannot figure out how the should contribute to PAYE?

    Is such a plan optional and what happens to people who have insurance? Will they be saddled with the burden of more payments to health care?

    To be honest you have failed to convince me on your position. Your idea appears hurriedly put together and makes light of the healthcsre dilemma.
    Your interjection of Albert Einstein in a less than intellectual piece of writing is farcical and an attempt to hie the fact that this is the writing of a 43 percenter.

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