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Making City Safe

Image of The Castries Market

RECENTLY there has been a move by the Castries City Council to make the city safer and beautiful. To do this, many of the Vendors’ belongings have been dismantled and put aside. As to how this would make the city safer, I do not understand.

To me, if there are less people earning a living, the place would be more dangerous, as more people would have to steal in order to live. These people have been contributing to the economy by providing things that people really need.

And so in order to make Castries safe, it is also expected that this this would also make the city more beautiful.

Now, who do they want to make the city more beautiful for? For the tourist visitors, of course… The tourists need to see nice good-looking buildings only. Not so? Is it not better for them to see city vendors in tents struggling to make a living also?

To me, this would help to remind them that the world is not made up of nice buildings only, where everyone is doing well.

I think we need some compassion here, so that everyone can get together and talk and be more realistic about life.

Is it not the Creator Himself who said “There will always be the less fortunate among us?”

If we want to obey the Commandments and be happy, does this not mean that we must love all our neighbours as ourselves?

I say we should allow the same city vendors to remain and make an honest living.

Concerned Citizen

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