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As a longstanding reader of “The VOICE” going back more than 40 years I am appalled at the recent slant that your paper has adopted. “The VOICE” today is no longer the national newspaper of St Lucia. It is the mouthpiece of the St Lucia Labour Party. It has lost all sense of fair play and balance in what it publishes.

Most distasteful to me was your decision to accept Jeff Fedee’s articles without so much of an explanation as to why it was found necessary to give this gentleman a platform for him to conduct a vendetta against Allen Chastanet for whatever reason. I say so, because everyone remembers Mr. Fedee writing anti-Labour, anti-Kenny Anthony, pro-UWP and pro-Allen Chastanet articles in the Mirror in the months before the last elections. Now, all of a sudden he is anti-Chastanet and anti-UWP. Don’t you think your readers have the right to know why?

Why has Jeff Fedee become a political turncoat? Was he expecting something from the government he campaigned for and did not receive it? I find Mr. Fedee’s articles most boring, because they all carry the same theme with constant bickering as to why Chastanet is not like John Compton etc. etc. and how he is taking the country down a path to ruin. Frankly, despite all the flack he is taking for matters he did not even create, I find Chastanet and his government are doing pretty well so far.

But Mr. Editor, you already have another column appearing under a fake name, Stephen Lester Prescott who anyone with a brain can easily detect as being a former Prime Minister, pouring criticism and scorn on everything Chastanet and the government does. Why does he not publish under his real name? Why is your paper accommodating this kind of fraud? Why do you also need Jeff Fedee? Should you instead not have someone from the side of the government or ruling party to give some kind of balance to your paper which you would agree is read by supporters of both parties.

The bias of “The VOICE” is quite visible.

Apart from the fake Stephen Lester Prescott and Fedee, there are now more anti-government writers in “The VOICE” — from political hopefuls to architects and political acolytes masquerading as concerned citizens, but all with the same theme of opposition to the duly-elected government and it is beginning to appear that the Labour Party has taken control of the paper.

Is that what has happened? “The VOICE” now seems to find space for everything that the Labour Party puts out and it appears that there is an election campaign that is still ongoing.

Sir, you cannot claim to be ‘the national newspaper of St Lucia’, anymore because it is a blatant lie.

Regular Reader

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  1. Mr Regular Reader should be so very proud of his contribution & print his name!! But I understand his silly comments. It has always been perceived that the Voice Newspaper was pro UWP – and any seeming criticism of this administration, whether constructive or not is assumed to be SLP. Sadly, St Lucians now think in party colours and not intelligently. I trust as Saint Lucians we will ALL, always be afforded the opportunity to speak; to criticize any administration that the people have voted “in to power” … it is of course the people who vote and as long as your vote was counted you have a right to a voice!!!!!!!

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