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The Emperor Has New Clothes

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

THE nakedness stares us right in the face. It is glaring. It is piercing through our eyeballs, but we stand the pain and say to the master: “A little deeper please! One more whip lash on my back”.

The question still lingers on,: “What will it take to move us into action?” Put another way, “Why is the revolution taking so long?”

Is it not true that our government is in contravention of the Constitution? The Opposition does not want to appoint a Deputy Speaker, so the onus falls on the governing side to appoint one. Here today, the government wants to FORCE the opposition to act. (In the Independent Model there is no divide, no ruling and opposing sides. A nation divided among itself cannot stand and they say I am the mad one)

The law requires the prime minster to come to Parliament with the names of all the people who have been granted citizenship under the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP). Yet this government blatantly defies the law and expects us, its SUBJECTS, to simply abide by that. (Of course, instituting such a program was a folly of the last administration…)

This government has gone ahead with a racetrack that the DCA has not approved and running ahead with its Pearl of the Caribbean project that has not gotten the green light from appropriate boards.

This government can continue to do things as it will, just like when it took down the Soufriere bridge. And if you ask questions you are asked in return: ‘Are you a renegade?‘

And the emperor does as he pleases, because in that KINGDOM, the COMMONERS have no say.

If all what is being said in social media is true – like how KING went to the Derby and all expenses were paid by another king — and we see no conflict in that, then we are truly blinded and we are forever SLAVES.

They are building a new Saint Lucia, with MORE PLANTATIONS by the sea and MORE SLAVE MASTERS.

In fact, the ‘new’ slave masters are already here — and they come like they are a law unto themselves.

Meanwhile, the people of Choiseul are still waiting for that sign of the new hotel to be built in Sab Richard. The developers have not complied with the requirements. They have been served a Stop Work Order, which they have brushed aside.

The violation continues, but not without its instigators — who are our very own. They are the people who sit in Cabinet and allow all these violations to proceed unabated. They are the party supporters who tell their representatives to go ahead with projects in their communities, without due consultation.

This government has lost any moral authority to ask anyone to comply with the laws when they are law-breakers themselves. But, at the end of the day I do not know who to detest the most, whether it’s those who break the law, or those who allow them to get away with their rampant violations.

We excuse every misdeed because we support a party in power. We are House Slaves, because we seek personal gains while the king parades naked on his thoroughbred China-grown horses.

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