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Saint Lucians Must Aim Higher

Image of Levern Spencer

Now that Levern Spencer has finally broken free of the backward and negative mentality of the Saint Lucian environment which seems to delight in pulling their own down, we hope there is a lesson in her gold medal victory, in Australia for all Saint Lucians, especially the youth and young women in particular.

The lesson of perseverance is the most obvious one which Levern teaches the youth. Never give up on your dreams, no matter what. The other lesson is never take naysayers and detractors seriously. People who live little unhappy, miserable lives, especially those that have been abused, have nothing to teach the young and the upwardly mobile.

In these two lessons we can deduce that the media fraternity in Saint Lucia must also look at some fresh new business faces to interview on matters of gas prices, road repairs and the economy generally.

There are many young qualified women and men outside the city, who can share professional opinions with the media, without bias. There is therefore no need for the media to turn to the same persons who made excuses after excuses for the former government when gas prices were skyrocketing and our roads were crumbling. Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

It’s time for the news media to stop interviewing persons who are known defenders of the past regime, when things were going downhill and Saint Lucians were very unhappy.

These ‘qualified’ hypocrites have had they day. It’s time for objective and truthful analysis. It time to stop the bull, drop the negative backward mentality and reach for higher and better – the gold – as Lavern has shown us what is possible with perseverance and determination.

Anselma L. Joseph.

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