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National Security Minister Meets with Management and Staff of the Forensic Lab

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

MINISTER for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security Hermangild Francis sat with the management and staff of the Saint Lucia Forensic Science Laboratory on Wednesday to discuss the way ahead, as the lab continues to reposition and ensure that a number of services come online.

The Minister commended the staff for remaining steadfast in upholding the mandate of the Forensic Lab as the institution continues to grow.

Image of National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis
National Security Minister, Hermangild Francis

“I want to thank you for multi-tasking while concerted attempts are being made to fill existing vacancies”, he said.

Minister Francis gave the assurance that staffing and rehabilitation works to the building will form part of the short-term priorities for the laboratory. Key vacancies to be filled include the post of Deputy Director and Forensic Assistants.

Director of Forensic Science Services, Ms. Fernanda Henry, indicated that filling these vacancies will be pivotal to the work of the Forensic Science Lab.

She thanked the government for the demonstration of support by addressing the needs of the lab.

Ms. Henry also indicated that the support of the staff has been paramount to the lab’s operations, while the support of the minister has been unwavering.

She said, “I am pleased with the strides being made. It was definitely encouraging to have the minister with responsibility for the Forensic Science Laboratory here to sit with us, to appreciate how the staff is coping, listen to their concerns and field questions. He also joined us in articulating the way forward”.

Minister Francis said he endeavors to do his utmost to ensure that public confidence in the work of the St. Lucia Forensic Science Lab is significantly increased.

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