Some Things Are Just Beyond Comprehension

Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Image of Kensley Peter Charlemange
Independent Eye by Kensley Peter Charlemange

SOME things are beyond comprehension. It is even more baffling when these things seem as easy as one, two, three and are not any calculus test or Pythagoras Theorem to say the least. Or should that be to say the most?

I have a hard time understanding this administration’s cluster government or how an administration with the highest number of ministers is supposed to end up saving money. Sorry, I just can’t figure it out.

I cannot figure out how building a Desert Star Holding “Pearl of the Caribbean” project is supposed to bring us to greener pastures. As if we do not know what a desert is. I do not know that people find pearls in deserts or how this star that has been rejected again and again finds light in Saint Lucia. But then again, I can boil it down to the fact that we are a population of morons.

It is beyond me how indeed in Saint Lucia, like Kiedel Sonny satirically says, “It’s out with the old and in with the older” governor general. Some things just don’t make sense down here.

How do you build a tourism product by destroying the very thing the tourists come for, the beauty? How do you write an article titled “Leadership Qualities” and not in one paragraph, far less a sentence, mention one such quality? I honestly do not understand when in a country whose emperor has no clothes we are bowing in admiration of his blatant pale nakedness? I just don’t understand it.

I can understand that we have never built a Titanic before and we live in a tropical climate and may have never seen an iceberg before. But when you see the storm cloud in the sky and you feel the humongous drizzles and you don’t run for cover! Lord, have mercy on our souls, if we still have one.

I have never been one for cutting the grass behind the grass and leaving it in front of the grass at the side of the road but I do not understand how administration in, administration out the grass in the plastic bag on the sides of the road has to stay there for weeks before they get picked up. This one is beyond me. I just don’t understand it. You cut, you throw. How hard can that be?

For weeks I have passed by this river crossing by the infant school in Soufriere and those green bags of grass have been sitting there waiting to turn into gold. Believe me, it’s not gonna happen! I am told the country is broke. I find that hard to believe but while we try to resurrect Sir John legacy, I think that someone misunderstood that idea of green gold.

On the roadside, they got a bit smarter and put the green grass in white garbage bags by the sides of the CasEn Bas Road, and I would want to think other roads as well. This debris on the sides of the road is a traffic hazard and I can only suppose that the authorities are cognisant of that and that is why they place it in white bags so it can be seen better in the night. Ingenious!

I will tell you what else is ingenious. You cut and you have a plan for immediate pickup and in Saint Lucia where every English word has a contra meaning, immediate, if I should make myself clear, means on the same day when the grass is cut. Papa, mi chin gun!


  1. That other explanation could there be? The Chinese King and his Emperor Boy must surround themselves with their “Yes” Army of unquestioning supporters. ALL of them in it for the Big MONEY. Who picks up the grass is the LAST thing they thinking about!

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