CARILEC To Co-Host Corporate Communications, Human Resource and Customer Service Conference

PRESS RELEASE – The Caribbean Electric Utility Services Corporation (CARILEC) will co-host the 2018 CARILEC Corporate Communications, Human Resource and Customer Service Conference under the theme, “Redesigning Human Resource, Corporate Communications, and Customer Service Processes”, from March 11 to 14 in Jamaica.

The conference is also being co-hosted by the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPSCO).

The annual event is a multi-disciplinary experience for utility practitioners, consultants, media experts and business professionals in the fields of Corporate Communications, Human Resources and Customer Service who seek a comprehensive education accompanied by innovative learning sessions, peer-to-peer learning and exceptional networking and social opportunities.

Created by professionals who specialise in the electricity and energy industry, the CARILEC Corporate Communications, Human Resource and Customer Service Conference has been designed as a hub of rich content. It offers delegates a unique experience committed to their understanding of the trends, innovations and laws affecting the industry; furthering their professional development and enabling them to bring new ideas and approaches to their respective organisations.

This year’s Conference places a special focus on Disaster Management, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery as the 2017 Atlantic Hurricane Season was one of the most active seasons within recent history, and many affected utilities and citizens are still recovering. Disaster management is vital to ensuring safety and sustainability during disasters and cannot be separated from human resource management as it plays an integral role in planning for and responding to disasters.

Additionally, some of the biggest operational challenges faced by a utility can occur after a disaster. When this happens, public relations and customer service teams assist with minimising the impact of disruptions to customers and employees and therefore play a key role in ensuring business continuity and disaster recovery.

The Conference will feature Joyce E. Brooks as the keynote speaker. Brooks is an author, facilitator, motivational speaker and engineer. She is the owner and managing member of Brooks Consulting, LLC, whose mission is to assist businesses and organisations gain a competitive advantage by focusing on leadership development, organizational strategy, and individual well-being. She is also the author of three books entitled “Self-Inflicted Overload”, “Stress Less and Live More” and “It Ain’t Over!” Through her works, she encourages individuals to live a more balanced, stress-free and fulfilling life.

After this Conference, public relations, human resource and customer service managers who are tasked with assisting in disaster management and recovery will be better prepared to execute these responsibilities.

Also in collaboration with JPSCO, CARILEC is scheduled to host its 2018 Occupational Health & Safety & Disaster Management Seminar concurrently with the Conference. The Seminar is sponsored by Emera Caribbean Incorporated, and will be held under the theme “Safety by Design with Disaster in Mind”.

To register or learn more about the CARILEC 2018 Corporate Communication, Human Resource and Customer Service Conference, email us at [email protected] , explore our website at www.carilec.org , follow us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/carilecpower or our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/carilecpower .

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