Caribbean Metals Presents Smart TVs To Babonneau Wellness Centre

PRESS RELEASE – TECHNOLOGY is now a driving force behind improvement in the health sector and Caribbean Metals Limited, last week Wednesday, donated three smart televisions to the Babonneau Wellness Centre.

Minister for Health and Wellness, Mary Isaac, applauded Caribbean Metals for their continued support.

“Most of our 33 health facilities are underfunded, they are not properly maintained, they need maintenance and everything else,” Isaac said. “So it is really encouraging when we have the private sector kicking in, coming in to shake hands with the public sector, to take care of the needs in our communities. So this initiative is really greatly appreciated by the Ministry of Health: it is really allowing us to stretch a little further in reaching to the people whom we provide goods and services for in the health care sector. So we really have to put our hands together for Caribbean Metals.”

Isaac said government welcomes any level of support or assistance from other private sector entities, adding that despite limited resources, the Ministry of Health intends to extend service hours at the Babonneau Wellness Centre.

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Parliamentary Representative for Babonneau, Ezechiel Joseph, also welcomed the gesture.

“By way of background, I recall sometime last year when I was approached by a councillor, Dr.Malaicha Fontenelle, who informed me based on her responsibility for health as it pertains to the Babonneau District Council, that there is need for me and the Minister to walk through the respective facilities in Babonneau and to get a firsthand appreciation as to the challenges and, of course, to hear from the staff members what are the recommendations and how they would want us to assist in the development of the health services in Babonneau,” Joseph said.

“One of the recommendations they made was there is need to have some technology where we can educate our residents and educate persons coming to the respective heath centres, and through, not my doing, (but) through the initiative of Dr. Fontenelle, she contacted Caribbean Metals to see whether they would be willing to assist and I must say based on that interaction, we are here today receiving these smart televisions.”

Principal Nursing Officer, Kerthney Surage, said the gifts received will be put to good use.

“The smart TVs that we are receiving today are not for watching soaps, Oprah, for sports or for news. These are for health education and health promotion. So whilst the nurses are attending to persons at the clinic, persons who attend the clinic…can be entertained with videos, messages and presentations on many health topics.”

Caribbean Metals General Manager, Keren Peter, said her organization is a strong believer in community development and they are more than happy to provide support and champion the cause.

“My initial thought was why not? And not just why not but these are the things that Caribbean Metals like to get involved with, at least from my personal point of view. I am the second Vice President of the Chamber (of Commerce) and we always thought of, and often think about, the corporate society assisting the government institutions where necessary. It’s something that we are actually pushing for,” Peter explained.

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