West Tech Shipping Gives Christmas Cheer

IN the spirit of Christmas, West Tech Shipping brought Christmas cheer to five lucky customers, one from each of its five branches.

The winners, who were drawn at random, each won a state-of-the-art 32-inch ROKU Smart Television valued at $1300.

The lucky winners were Vieux Fort – NoelitaCharlery; Soufriere – Winsbert Octave; St Louis Street, Castries — Agatha Leonce; Micoud Street, Castries — Natasha Lamontagne–Chicot; and Rodney Bay – Jasmine Auguste-Henry.

“I’m a new customer with West Tech and it has been a pleasure working with you. It gives me hope that anyone can be a winner!” said an ecstatic Jasmine Auguste-Henry.

Soufriere winner, Winsbert Octave, stated: “I was happy about winning the TV and I am really satisfied with this business and even more satisfied with the customer service provided by the Soufriere staff.”

During the extremely hectic Christmas period, West Tech Shipping staff worked tirelessly to deliver items in a timely manner.

“With Christmas being a time for giving, West Tech Shipping was delighted to participate in the spirit of giving back to our valued customers in a meaningful way,” said Rashid Jean-Baptiste, Managing Director of West Tech Shipping Inc. “West Tech Shipping Inc. will continue this practice of corporate caring for its valued customers.”

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