UWP Responds To Hilaire On Banannes Bay

PRESS RELEASE – THE UWP finds it more than disingenuous when Mr. Ernest Hilaire calls on the government to be more transparent about the Banannes Bay development plans, especially when there continues to remain serious questions about his own transparency in the Juffali Affair.

Image of SLP’s Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire
SLP’s Castries South MP, Dr. Ernest Hilaire

Mr. Hilaire must be reminded that plans for the redevelopment of the city of Castries, including Banannes Bay, have been in the works since (the era of) Sir John Compton.

The Allen Chastanet-led UWP administration is continuing with those plans and addressing the many concerns in that area, particularly the dangerous situation which exists with parked container trailers along the roadside at Banannes Bay.

The visit by the Prime Minister, police, SLASPA officials, and the Mayor of Castries was to evaluate serious concerns and dangers posed by those trailers, and to get a first-hand view from a visit to the area.

It must be noted that over the years numerous articles have been written, and multiple calls to talk shows have been made, all complaining about the dangerous conditions with tractor trailers along that stretch of road.

The first phase of the works will only involve the removal of the tractor trailers and the beautification of that approach to the city of Castries, and will actually enhance the safety of the Banannes Bay residents who will not have to walk along the roadway when traversing the waterfront.

Further, Mayor Peterson Francis did state at the time of the visit that he “will work in tandem with all stakeholders to ensure the goals are realized”.

There are clearly no plans to move the residents of Banannes Bay without consultations.

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