Hinterlaces: 72% of Venezuelans Agree With Advancing The Presidential elections

PRESS RELEASE – A total of 72% of Venezuelans said they agree to advance, between February and March of this year, the Presidential elections, compared to over 26% who indicated disagreement, revealed a study conducted by the Hinterlaces polling company.

The study was held from November 22 to December 8, 2017, through direct interviews in homes across the country.

The results were presented by journalist José Vicente Rangel on his Sunday programme, “José Vicente Hoy” (José Vicente Today), broadcast by the Televen TV station.

During the “Confidentials” block, Rangel revealed that the respondents were also consulted about the candidate of their choice for the opposition’s primaries.

The survey showed that 33% support the candidacy of the president of Empresas Polar, Lorenzo Mendoza; an 18% favour the ex-governor of Lara state, Henry Falcón; an 11% to the coordinator of the Vente Venezuela organization, María Corina Machado; a 6% to the secretary general of the AcciónDemocrática (right wing) party, Henry Ramos Allup; and a 3% to the opposition’s candidate to the Government of Zulia state, Juan Pablo Guanipa.

Meanwhile, 28% of respondents said they did not know who to support, and a 1% did not respond.

Source: RNV

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