Baseless Accusations A New Low in Politics, SLP Says

OPPOSITION Leader, Phillip J. Pierre

PRESS RELEASE – THE Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) is calling a recent press release by the UWP a new low in our politics. The SLP says this is a continuation of the statements made by the UWP and Allen Chastenet in the 2016 election campaign that blamed Dr. Kenny Anthony and Philip La Corbiniere for every murder and then Minister Alvina Reynolds for every rape and suicide.

Now in Government, the UWP, instead of admitting to their inability to deliver on the promise to make Saint Lucia safer if elected to office, they are continuing their baseless accusations. These now include that recent fires at the Soufriere Hospital and on their designated DSH site in Vieux Fort are somehow linked to the Labour Party. This approach to politics is irresponsible and shameless.

Instead, the SLP is calling on the Government to recognize the fact that police statistics show increases in almost every area of criminal activity during the year just ended and, in particular, a record 60 homicides in the same period, and what the population expects of the UWP government this year is reassurance that steps are being taken to reverse the trend experienced in 2017.

The citizens of Saint Lucia are not interested in the UWP and its surrogate, UnitedPac, resorting to creating smokescreens to hide the total incompetence, lack of accountability and arrogance of this Allen Chastanet Administration.

The SLP is suggesting that the UWP government focusses its attention on:

  1. Letting the people of Vieux Fort and the country in general know what is the precise nature of the DSH agreement which they are hell-bent on implementing against the wishes of the populace;
  2. To inform when will work restart on the St. Jude Hospital to calm the health care anxieties of the people in the southern region of the country;
  3. State what is being done for the sexual abuse of children in Saint Lucia;
  4. State what is being done to curb the suicide trend in Saint Lucia;
  5. Explain why does the Prime Minister think 43% of Saint Lucian males only have a pre-school education; and
  6. Explain why the Prime Minister thinks that our teachers are unsuited to be teaching in our schools.

The SLP assures the UWP that no amount of unsubstantiated accusations and vindictiveness will substitute for the poor performance of Allen Chastanet and his government.

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