Lightning Aquatics Swim Club: Small but Tallawah

Image: Lightning Aquatic Swim Team at Capri Sun Meet. (Photo: LASC)

WITH only 18 of its 27 competitive swimmers participating in the recently-held Capri Sun 2017 National Championships, Lightning Aquatics (LA) Swim Club was able to amass 618 points, landing them in the third position out of six participating clubs.

Image: (L-R)Karic Charles, Alexandra Bristol and Ethan Hazell. (Photo: LASC)
(L-R)Karic Charles, Alexandra Bristol and Ethan Hazell. (Photo: LASC)

According to LA’s President, Tessa Charles-Louis, “All our swimmers performed remarkably well, achieving personal best times in many of their events. This is quite an accomplishment considering we competed without our full complement of swimmers. I am extremely proud of them all, not to mention those who didn’t swim but came to support their teammates.”

The club copped a few of the top positions in the various age group categories: Karic Charles placed 2nd and Ethan Hazell placed 3rd in the 9-to-10 boys; Naima Hazell snatched the 1st place and Naekeisha Louis placed 2nd in the Girls 11-to-12 category. In the Girls 18-and-over age group, LA’s Shernice Popo copped 2nd place.

Other medal recipients were Nathan Sherman, who secured the bronze in the 100-metre breast stroke; Aaron Charles, who got a bronze in the 25-metre backstroke; and Alexandra Bristol, who copped the gold in the 25-metre freestyle and a bronze in the 25-metre backstroke. Congratulations to Alexandra and Aaron, who shone at the meet having only just transitioned from the LA’s Learn to Swim programme to the club’s junior group in October.

The team also put on lightning performances in the relay events: In the Boys 10-and-under freestyle relay, Liam Emmanuel, RojanFelicien, Ethan Hazell and Karic Charles snatched the gold medal. These four went on to win the silver medal in the 200-metre freestyle medley relay.

Image: Lightning Aquatic Swim Team at Capri Sun Meet. (Photo: LASC)
Lightning Aquatic Swim Team at Capri Sun Meet. (Photo: LASC)

For the mixed 10-and-under 200-metre freestyle relay, Anneliese Gaillard, Alexander Bristol, Ethan and Karic snatched the silver medal while Diandre Edwin, Nathan Sherman, Naima Hazell and Naekeisha Louis secured the bronze in the mixed 11-to-14 200-metre freestyle relay.

Naekeisha, Naima, Britney Edwin and Angelique Gaillard placed 2nd in the 200-metre Girls 11-14 freestyle relay and 3rd in the 200-metre medley relay with Courtney Paul, Naima, Naekeisha and Angelique.

LA Swim Club congratulates all clubs that participated in the meet. To Sharks Swim Club, who copped 1st place and the meet host Sea Jays Swim Club who placed 2nd, we say, ‘Job well done!’

The Club looks forward to more amazing performances in the next two major meets: the OECS Swim Meet from November 10-12 in Saint Lucia and ASATT in Trinidad and Tobago in December. To ensure the participation of our swimmers in the ASATT meet, LA invites the public to a fundraising Back in Time Dance on Saturday, November 4 at the Saint Lucia Golf and Country Club in Cap Estate. Check out ‘Lightning Aquatics Swim Club’ on Facebook for more details.

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  1. Most outrageous caption for a story really VP no filters. And the context of the story is quite repetitious . Vocabulary and use of descriptive words are extremely limited… Every time u head personal best times. Where does personal best times get the kids who have been there for years and never medal. Where Is the way forward for them. On another note. OECS swim meet really are we turning a blind eye from our sister countries that have been hit by hurricanes. Hmmm I smell something slu has lots of money to waste or is it motivated by greed, biasness and to an extent perhaps members of the committee wanna make a statement about something. May the best child win lol I will be glued to FB to read about how amazing and fearless and how they earned their places. Wine bottle on locked eh.

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