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NWU, ‘First Citizens’ Industrial Row Brews

LABOUR Commissioner Ray Narcisse has been called on to quell what could develop into an industrial row between the management of First Citizens Investment Services Ltd. (FCIS) and the National Workers Union (NWU).

According to an NWU spokesperson, negotiations between the parties were successfully completed months ago when it was agreed that pending official signing of the new industrial package, provisions within the new industrial accord would have been implemented.

That has not happened and the NWU is unhappy, claiming that while workers have remained quiet and diligent in executing their responsibilities with deep commitment, First Citizens had not stuck to the agreement.

“This cannot continue indefinitely,” NWU’s President General, Tyrone Maynard, wrote in a release Monday.

The NWU has since requested Narcisse’s intervention and planned a series of cell meetings to determine the way forward.

“The NWU has never had such an experience with other financial services companies whose employees it represents,” Maynard said.

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