Soufriere’s Young Authors Launch Books

Image: Some of the young authors.

THE Soufriere Public Library, in collaboration with U.S. Peace Corps, has launched the Soufriere Young Authors Book Series. These stories are the product of the Soufriere Public Library’s Young Authors project to harness Soufriere’s passion for culture by empowering aspiring authors to express cultural knowledge and enthusiasm in the form of children’s books.

Image: Some of the young authors.
Some of the young authors.

Eighteen students from the Soufriere Comprehensive Secondary School attended a seven-day workshop in which they were guided through the writing process. After the stories were completed, illustrations were added to the stories and the books were printed and distributed to Soufriere schools, libraries and community members to increase the access that beginning readers have to culturally relevant picture books.

The stories address a range of topics of St Lucian culture and lifestyle, including a story about Daren Sammy, “Defending the Wicket: Daren Sammy in pursuit of a dream.” When Sammy was informed of the initiative he was very grateful and proud of the students and although he was not able to attend the book reveal at the Soufriere Public Library, he sent a congratulatory video message to the participants.

The Soufriere Young Authors Literacy Team and participants look forward to giving Sammy his own copy of the book series soon. The books are available for purchase at the Soufriere Public Library. Please call 459-7361 if interested.

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