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Police Await Lawyer Foster’s Statement On Assault

Image of prominent Attorney Marcus Foster

POLICE are reporting no arrest so far in an incident in which prominent attorney Marcus Foster was beaten with a baseball bat about his body sustaining a broken leg in the process.

The incident, which occurred last Friday evening was not widely reported that evening however word soon leaked out that the well- known attorney was hospitalized.

Efforts by police to get a statement from Foster have been in vain.

Image of prominent attorney Marcus Foster
Prominent attorney Marcus Foster

Ann Joseph, Police Press Relations Officer told The VOICE yesterday that the attorney was yet to give a statement on the matter. However she expected that police will soon receive that statement.

Foster, yesterday spoke on Radio Caribbean International lunch time news admitting that he was beaten with a baseball bat.

“There was no altercation,” Foster said referring to reports that there was an altercation between himself and his attacker.

“He (attacker) planned to attack me. He felt I slighted him,” Foster said, going on to state that his attacker broke his leg with the bat, stamped on his chest, cut him up with a knife and threatened him with a gun.

However Foster’s story was challenged by another caller who told the radio station that he came to Foster’s home and Foster, slapped him in the face. He said he did not turn the other cheek and struggled with Foster. He said the gun Foster spoke of was a stapling gun.

“I was defending myself. There was no gun involved,” he said.

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  1. It was only an old fashion a**-whipping with staple gun and all (et al). Attorney needs to put on his big boy pants. This might be a case of err…err…animus nocendi.

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