Meaningful Holiday Connections

Sandals Guest Gives To Marchand School Children

FOR the Sandals guest, coming on vacation is more than just sun, sea, sand and luxury included. Especially when these guests have children of their own, they want to connect with other children in the destinations they come to for rest and relaxation.

It was not unusual, therefore, when Anthony Commisso, planning a vacation/business trip to Saint Lucia and Sandals, decided to motivate his own children by encouraging them to pack for a purpose. While the Commisso children were not accompanying their dad on this trip, they were happy to shop and pack supplies for other young people, knowing that their father would make time to visit the school and deliver the supplies himself.

The visit to the school was an emotional one for Commisso, who lives in the U.S., as he was happy to share reading time with the students at the Marchand Combined School, who were themselves very pleased to welcome him to their school. This is the kind of cumulative effect that can change the world, one child, one family, one school at a time.

Commisso was very touched by his encounter at the school. He said that throughout his life and through his business, he has done philanthropic work, however, this is the first time that he has participated in the event and has seen the actual effects of giving. The experience of meeting the children and sharing in their joy he said, was tremendous. He intends to continue doing this work.

The Principal Mrs. Lubin was on hand to receive the supplies, and to plant the seed in her children that sharing is caring.

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