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Tyler, ‘Miss FICS’ Carnival Queen

img: The eight contestants all gave good accounts of themselves at Saturday’s pageant. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]

img: The eight contestants all gave good accounts of themselves at Saturday’s pageant. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
The eight contestants all gave good accounts of themselves at Saturday’s pageant. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
EIGHTEEN-YEAR-OLD Cafeiere, Choiseul resident, Tyler Theophane, was crowned at last Saturday evening’s Carnival Queen Pageant held at the National Cultural Centre (NCC).

Representing Financial Investment & Consultancy Services Ltd. (FICS), Theophane’s performance in the various categories seemed impressive enough for the judges who gave her a score of 544 points.

She also won other special awards, namely Miss Photogenic, Best Swimwear and Best in Costume.

Miss Super J/IGA, Shartoya Jn. Baptiste, was first runner-up with 527 points. She was also voted Miss Congeniality, Most Outstanding Talent and Best Interview.

Racquel John, Miss St. Lucia Zouks, placed third with 487 points while Kaysia Verneuil, Miss Digicel, placed fourth with 485 points.

Miss Saint Lucia Tourist Board, Anna-Kim Williams, won the Best Evening Wear category. She also won something shiny – her boyfriend proposed to her backstage moments after the results were announced.

The long night was filled with excitement, beauty, colour and nerves as hundreds of vociferous, banner-waving supporters chanted encouraging phrases to their respective contestants. But it was Theophane’s night and the youngest contestant did not appear intimidated.

Competition was fierce, too – both in the audience and on stage. Even former Minister for Tourism, Lorne Theophilus, whose father runs FICS joined in the fray to rally support behind Theophane.

The eight contestants all gave good accounts of themselves in the respective categories, resulting in many in the audience commenting on the high standard of this year’s pageant.

The other contestants in Saturday’s pageant were Sheris Paul (Miss Bounty Rum), Bernella Velinor (Miss Bounty Rum) and Kerline Sylvester (Miss Radio Caribbean International).

Theophane also received a partial scholarship from Monroe College worth $16,000 towards a Bachelor’s Degree in a course of her choice. Director of Administrations at Monroe College, Gus Small, made the presentation right after she was crowned.

Small said Theophane must maintain a certain grade point average and earn 12 credits per semester to keep the partial scholarship.

img:2016 Carnival Queen, Tyler Theophane. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
2016 Carnival Queen, Tyler Theophane. [PHOTO: Stan Bishop]
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