Busy Weekend For Ambulances

SEVENTY-nine ambulance calls over the past weekend kept fire service personnel on their toes with 20 of those calls emanating from the south and 59 in the north of the island.

Fire, vehicle accidents and physical assaults were the predominant incidents personnel from the fire department had to deal with.

Fire-fighters, Saturday, found themselves trying to save a wooden house occupied in by a single person in AnseGer, Desruisseaux. They also had to deal with a bush fire in Dennery.

The structure, measuring 17.5 feet by 23 feet was completely destroyed with damages estimated to be $75,000. The house was not insured.

A vehicle accident in Micoud resulted in one person sustaining minor injuries. Minor injuries were also sustained by a male who was involved in a three vehicle pile-up at Balata last Saturday. The injured refused transportation to a hospital.

On Sunday in the Bonne Terre area two individuals received minor injuries when the vehicles they were driving collided and hit a third one and a utility pole.

That same Sunday a motorcyclist collided with an SUV injuring himself in the process. First responders immobilized him, treated him and transported him to Victoria Hospital.

Ambulance personnel also had to deal with stab wounds when on Saturday they were called to jN Baptiste Street in Castries to treat lacerations to the body sustained by two women who were attacked. They also had to treat a male who was assaulted by more than one person near the Castries Market, while the day before they had to whisk away a man from Cabishe, Babonneau to hospital after he was seriously injured in the abdomen.

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