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Uphill Battle for the P.M.

Image of Dr. Kenny Anthony

As all the signs of fatigue and wear and tear manifest themselves in our PM, the embedded hatred within his soul once again raised its ugly head. Our PM at the launching of his Dennery South candidate focussed his venom at Allen and Michael Chastanet fingering the individuals as the opposition to the SLP. The 14 endorsed candidates thus far of the UWP have taken umbrage at the PM’s disrespectful comments to them as party members of an organization that has taken St. Lucia to an unprecedented level during their various terms in office.

The PM is known to focus his efforts on character assassination over the years and has done so to the likes of Sir John, Vaughan Lewis, Peter Josie and George Odlum to name but a few. However, St. Lucians have seen through his modus operandi and will stop him in his tracks this time around. The horrid episode of Rochamel, Grynberg, Impacs and now the Dr.Juffali affair will no longer be swept under the carpet .

The calculated traits of the PM not only exist against the opposition but within his own party as members like Phillip Pierre and Alva Baptiste have concluded. Phillip Pierre in particular has backed himself into a corner with no manoeuvering space based on his weakness, thereby, permitting Ernest Hilaire to take precedence over his long years of service. Alva Baptiste, made of a slightly sterner stuff has offered a bit more resistance causing himself and the PM to remain at odds. With this ongoing friction the Laborie seat, once an SLP stronghold is now under pressure from a formidable candidate for the UWP. The Castries East seat, once in full control by Phillip Pierre, is also up for grabs as a formidable candidate in the name of Fortuna Belrose takes on the incumbent.

The PM has paid a dear price for his gullibility by first allowing Earl Huntley to guide him towards Jack Grynberg and now Ernest Hillaire for guiding him towards Dr.Juffali. If the UK government could pinpoint Jihadi John in Syria bringing about his assassination, getting to the bottom of the Juffali deal is peanuts and so our PM should be extremely concerned come March 2016 when the judicial review is completed. Our PM should take into account that the British built our constitution and despite his qualifications, he faces a difficult and uphill battle whether he wishes to admit it or not.

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–The Watcher

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    These types of pathetic castrated negroes seem to find residency on the Michael Chastanet’s Plantation, where Allen Chastanet is the overseer attended to by the House Negroes Black Pete and Leary John Wayne.

    It is no secret that Leary John Wayne encountered a debilitating injury to his testicles when the Good doctor Anthony, thought his acquired knowledge was in medicine and castrated the Naked Stripper who attempted to perform a Lap Dance for Kenny. This procedure simultaneously rendered Black Pete and his lover John Wayne permanently deprived of testicles and wearing diapers.

    Therefore we understand the perpetual lamentations of a John Wayne, Black Pete Josie, and the herd of Negroes slaving for Allen and Michael to make the ugliest Pale woman in the world, the First Lady of St. Lucia; WE UNDERSTAND ! Being FIRED by the Prime Minster of the Country is a total rejection, that comes with a baggage of “SHA-GWEN”/GRIEF, which leaves one so afflicted with injuries lasting beyond the Grave.

    What really troubles me, is the never ending supply-line of mentally deranged Negroes so willing to jump unto the Slave Plantation run by the Chastanets as demonstrated by the writer of this opinion piece.





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