Rubis, VOICE IN Reading Project

Image: Etienne (right) presents a copy of The VOICE to a customer.
Image: Etienne (right) presents a copy of The VOICE to a customer.
Etienne (right) presents a copy of The VOICE to a customer.

THE island’s leading petroleum dealership Rubis has teamed up with The VOICE Publishing Company Limited to reward customers with up to date news, features and entertainment from the island’s leading newspaper.

The offer which began on Thursday will see the first 30 customers at the 16 stations island wide receiving a free newspaper once they have spent $50 or more.

Speaking from Cyril’s Service Station along the Chaussee Road, Rubis County Representative Chad Etienne said in this day of technology, this was not only their attempt to reward customers but most importantly to get people back into the habit of reading actual papers.

Etienne said: “We realised that people are migrating to electronic media but people still need to read books etc. So we figured, if we hand out newspapers then people will get reintroduced to the feel of reading a paper as opposed to reading from a phone. Everybody has a phone or a tablet or an iPad reading from but we want them to be out there reading physical papers and books hence the decision to have this offer.”

The County Rep said there was a lot of skepticism surrounding the idea but they decided to push through with it: “I remember when I discussed the idea with the dealers, they were reluctant and felt that Saint. ucians don’t read, but we want the people to read so that they know what’s happening around them.”

Customers are set to receive issues of the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday copies of The VOICE until the offer expires on April 2.

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