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Let’s Elect Only Worthy Candidates

WE are now counting the months to a general election and not years. In fact, even taking the Constitution into consideration, we are looking at less than a year before Saint Lucians go to the polls to elect a new government.

The choice will be between the two main political parties which are the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) and the United Workers Party (UWP). The other political parties are simply ‘paper parties’, meaning that they exist only on paper. So far not one of the smaller political parties has shown a slate of candidates for the election.

Therefore the choice for Saint Lucians is the same as always. It’s either the SLP or the UWP. With that in mind the question each Saint Lucian of voting age should ask his/her self is which one of the two would make a better government in the democratic political system that we have?

It should not difficult to decide which of the two will provide better governance because both have been in power and in opposition over the years.

It must be pointed out that the opposition is also part of the government of a country and when the term ‘being in power’ is mentioned the opposition must be looked at as well as the government.

A look at the behaviour of both political parties over the years should be enough to make for intelligent voting this time around.

Electors should try to determine how accountable the political parties have been over the years, bearing in mind that the government of a democracy is accountable to the people. And in determining how accountable the parties have been to them, electors must consider whether the parties, whether in opposition or in government, have performed their responsibilities properly and did not abuse their powers.

To make better choices regarding who they should elect into political office, electors must also consider whether those presenting themselves for office ever behaved as the social servants they are supposed to be, while in office.

Electors must never forget that the responsibilities of government leaders are specific and it’s all about serving society and the people, which makes them social servants of the people.

But above everything else electors must look at the ethical standards set by each one of those presenting themselves for political office. Most of them have been in political office before and all have lived most of their lives here so it should not be difficult to make an assessment of their ethical standards.

Are those standards worthy of emulation?

This is critical in assessing the abilities of those who want to serve in the political offices of the land. This time around a special effort should be made by the electors to put into office true servants of the people and not those whose tasks is to serve their own designs and those of their political parties.

Micah George is an established name in the journalism landscape in St. Lucia. He started his journalism tutelage under the critical eye of the Star Newspaper Publisher and well known journalist, Rick Wayne, as a freelancer. A few months later he moved to the Voice Newspaper under the guidance of the paper’s recognized editor, Guy Ellis in 1988.

Since then he has remained with the Voice Newspaper, progressing from a cub reporter covering court cases and the police to a senior journalist with a focus on parliamentary issues, government and politics. Read full bio...


  1. Micah

    You are certainly a top ranking writer and journalist, with my always finding your articles informative and professional.

    Your statement, “It should not be difficult to decide . . . ” ending with, “over the years.” has to be based upon your working with the Parties where you will gain a more accurate assessment of the Political Characters playing their roles.

    For the layperson, we have to deal with politicians in a “Black Box” because most of them are pathological liars, always promising utopia. That creates levels of difficulties most of our people are not willing to navigate, and they settle for decisions by way of emotions, as opposed to demonstrable progressive results.

    Dr. Anthony has my vote, because of the courageous stance he has taken on such important issues like Reparations, and many other magnanimous positions he has taken to benefit our country.

    Allen Chastanet and his handlers Michael and Co., has Lied, endorsed the murder of black Lucian males by the Police Assassination Gang, and called for black people remaining as slaves as was stated by the Sir James Mitchel at the UWP Convention.





  2. Since the attainment of internal self-government, Saint Lucians have been educated and unfortunately programmed to be no more sophisticated about governance and good government, but to elect a prime minister and then rubber stamp his (the reality) set of community development officers.

    Some have even AND MOST DISRESPECTFULLY, boasted that given the option, the majorities in party stronghold constituencies would even vote for their party chief’s broomsticks. And sadly some actually did just that, and to this day will do just that again.

    SJC himself —- before his last stab at elective politics — in a conversation agreed that when he wanted substance in a ministerial post or portfolio, that such positions had to be drawn in from the Senate.

    The evidence is there. Just cast your mind back to the senators who were made ministers — even after winning more than comfortable majorities at the poles. That means SJC had potential ministers to spare emerging from the lower house.

    When today, in the face of a technology-driven world, a registered candidate considers it a newsworthy that he or she, if elected, is going to concentrate of reviving agriculture and focus on food security, we know that such persons are real jokers who are bankrupt of ideas.

    The poor have been engaging in this line activity for all their lives for ages on end. They are born into poverty and they die in poverty. Those in the narco industry have been pointing the way to those with such simple-minded simplistic ideas. But there you have it another of our quintessential community development officers. Little wonder that a person is going to add that he or she is going to look after “the people”. Even when choosing such low hanging fruit, nobody asks how.

    Here is the risible “how”. He or she is going to depend on favours from the Minister of Finance, in Saint Lucia that is the PM (not ordained by our constitution mind you). If he PM and Minister of Finance says no guess what? There is no community development activity in that constituency for that fiscal year! Ask The Mighty Mighty Pepbottle.

    Granted the tribal politics that this continues to create and reenforce, the quality and extent of change therefore, largely depends on the ingrained deep talents, skills, knowledge and abilities, and not on the empty promises of any would-be prime minister. And so that too does not extends to the number of degrees and neither to the irrelevant disciplines of his or her education specialty or preferences. Haven’t we learned the hard way yet?

    Nationally, we must learn to make HUGE distinctions between grandstanding about degrees attained and “greatness” thrusted upon certain individuals and their innate abilities. Some are just that. Paper accomplishments.

    Their performance gaps are not filled by the volumes of hogwash, and the blather that results in the ruined young lives, suicides, the mayhem of body choppings, and the closure of businesses and the resultant reductions in the employment for our young people.

    We need a total change in our mindsets. Today we are content on a march to setting this very poor nation and the younger members of our population up for failure. We must make a concerted, responsible and discernible effort to do a lot better than that.

    Socially-responsible journalism must single-mindedly take on this onerous but patriotic task. Finally, we must elect people WHO WILL, ON THE PLATFORM, PLEDGE NOT to orchestrate, nor in any way, facilitate through pre- and post-election activity, the foreign purchase of our locally-elected governments, NOW and in the future.

    It’s an endorsement.

    Let me make it abundantly clear to everyone that given the options available to us in terms of the parties as they are currently constituted we at Not for Party but Country have never vacillated in our opinion that this government should be returned to office. That might be the fourth time we have said so in as many different ways.

    The SLP gets the nod from us based on the fact that the UWP, notwithstanding the facade of togetherness, are not quite ready to assume the government because they have not given the electorate a compelling reason for voting them back into office except to say “Labour is bad”.

    One always prefers to vote FOR a party than AGAINST a party. A vote against a party could be considered as a demonstration of one’s deep dissatisfaction of their performance in government. It can also be a repudiation of their excesses, and abuses as most governments are peopled by humans and humans do stupid, illogical, and unethical things.

    In our considered opinion urging the support of the government is predicated on the weakness of the UWP’s leadership and of a number of their team. That is a reflection on the leadership style of the party.

    No one was under the illusion that a reorganization and restructuring of the UWP would be a cake walk but the kind of give and take, consultative, inclusive, and “ego-suppressing” fence-mending style of LEADERSHIP AND FOLLOWERSHIP that was required was sadly lacking.

    To be fair the blame is not entirely that of the leader but has to be shared by those who do not understand the concept and dynamics of leadership. Blame should be shared with those who failed to accept that politics is a business of influence, horse trading, negotiating, establishing trust, and inspiring of confidence.
    The better one is at this skill set the greater one’s chances of remaining at the helm of a political party. Having the gravitas that comes from being a visionary, articulate, a good communicator, and sagacity would certainly help.

    Our choice of the SLP is also predicated on the fact that up to this late hour in the game the UWP has not told us WHY we should vote for them. In essence they have not made their case.

    There is a modicum of accomplishment which the SLP can use as a basis for a claim for reelection. Additionally at every turn the Prime Minister has rattled off a litany of things that he would wish to see accomplished which can be termed a vision. And in all honesty that is a stronger argument for them than the UWP’s argument that Labour is bad. That is just not enough to earn anyone’s respect much less their vote.

    Maybe that is not the resounding endorsement that they need from Not for Part but Country but that is the best we can do because they have yet to earn that resounding endorsement.

    The economy is still stagnant; unemployment looks good in their books and sounds good in their rhetoric but not in actuality. Many of the ills and short comings which face our country have been given short shrift in some cases and less than adequate attention in other cases.

    There is a high level of dithering on IMPACS. Surely it was the actions of the police during the UWP administration that gave rise to it but they are no longer in power it is squarely the responsibility of the current administration to deal with and it should have been adequately prosecuted by now.

    While homicides are down, crimes against women like rape and sexual assault have shown an increase. Overall the crime rate appears to have dropped slightly (although I don’t have the statistics readily). While some will say the rate of youth suicide is not a reflection on or the responsibility of the government it does beg for further action on the part of the political directorate. We need to study this growing tragic phenomenon and formulate some kind of holistic response.

    The state of our judicial system is in shambles and our police are still trying to find their footing and confidence since ORC/IMPACS.
    Our education system needs to be revamped to achieve greater alignment to an economy has shifted from agro-based to service-based. Health care must be given a higher priority as we will need to achieve the maximum benefit from the new health infrastructure that is due to come on stream shortly.

    Greater emphasis needs to be placed on youth development and empowerment. The question of youth talent nurturing development be it in sports, creative arts, entrepreneurship etc. must form part of the next government’s list of priorities.

    While much effort is being placed on physical development other aspects of our development must not be overlooked and I am talking about human development, environmental awareness, social cohesion, and community development to name a few. Some efforts have been made in this regard but it must be intensified.

    We are very encouraged by the level of political and industrial peace that prevails in the land at this point in time. However, we will continue to monitor and express our sentiments on the state of our governance, and whenever an issue arises that requires us to hold our government accountable we will not shirk this responsibility.

    We will also continue to keep the fires lit under the feet of our government to hasten the pace of our overall development so that more opportunities will be created for all and reduce the need for programs that unwittingly foster dependency. Finally we will always keep the light shining on any itch to restrict the freedoms that our forefathers paid dearly for us to enjoy today.

    Should they be returned to office the government will have our best wishes for a successful term.

    Bondieu beni Sainte Lici.

  4. It once again is starting to become clearer as time goes by that the world lack true leaders. We give too much credit to the educated. If we have to evaluate the overall value of the educated professional in today’s society, they should be given an “F.” as a grade. They lack imagination, are unable to apply their classroom learning’s in meaningful ways within society. Self centered. Egotistical. Lazy. Requesting more from others while not applying that principle in their own lives. We educators using their abilities to serve only themselves, more problem will continue to unfold. That is the situation we are presently living and experiencing in all sectors of society. The politicians are no exception. However we need to pay close attention to businesses and their executives as well. They are the root cause of many of today”s problems. Their callous and slavish mentality makes them believe they are entitled to almost anything because they are educated. So it is global and standard business practice to allow these institutions to exploit the remainder of society yet no one seem to notice. We need to demand better watch dog accountability of groups in assuring proper government balance. More professional and detailed news reporting as well as proper research world to validate better news reporting. Demanding the living and practicing of moral standards by our leaders as a way of re-establishing and injecting good living practices back into society so as to overcome today”s violence attitude and behavior. We all need to attend mental rehab, stop the denial, listen more, be willing to accept positive criticisms and invest a little more time interacting and getting to know each other if we ever expect to see changes. It starts with us and we can then use ourselves as examples to demand more of others.

  5. Most of us want to set the bar standard for others and when we are caught in violation of those very standards we come up with excuses rather than admit fault on our part. That is where the definition of honesty has disappeared. We are never at fault. It is always the other person”s fault. Are we equally a harsh critic of ourselves as we do others? It becomes easy to criticize the politicians. But are we doing what is needed to force the politicians to deliver on their promises. If they fail, are their consequences that sends a clear message to them and their replacement? Everyone has to be totally involved for positive changes to happen.

  6. /


    I concur that the individuals we are told are “EDUCATED” are in reality the victims of the Worst brainwashing in the history of mankind. Albert Einstein said it best:

    “ It is essential that the student acquires an understanding of, and the lively feeling for values. He must acquire a vivid sense of the beautiful and the morally good. Otherwise he – with his specialized knowledge – more closely resembles a well-trained dog than a harmoniously developed person.” – Albert Einstein

    This is the true condition of the present day Negro; Negro being defined, as a product of white supremacy. So here are a people with university degrees, knowing nothing of their true history, names, culture and Language. Imagine Negroes like Black Pete Josie, that self -hating lowlife who advocates the expulsion of the beautiful Chocolate colored African woman from being a Carnival Queen, because, and I quote Black Pete Josie, “They are too black and Uglier”.

    While studying for an Engineering Degree in the states, the requirements were a number of credit hours for History. I studied about the Samarians in world history, and I know I took course in Western Civilization remembering little of the concoctions of lies/brainwashing that is on my transcript.

    Fortunately, I found out that the Caucasian Christian was an evil tribe, responsible for mass exterminations of indigenous peoples around the World, and escaped the damage suffered by Negroes like Black Pete Josie, Derek Walcott, and the mentally deranged Rick John Wayne who changed his name because Carrasco was not white enough, while their only status in life is to be honorary white men by fornicating with immoral trophy white women, who these deranged Negroes put on display in St. Lucia.

    Take a look at how real education of Black children must be taught, and ask yourself if these evil slave masters and their imps teach us like that in RC Boys SJ Convent ?



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