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Brace Yourselves For ‘Silly Season’

Image of Rochelle Gonzales
Image of Rochelle Gonzales
By Rochelle Gonzales

IS it that time already where the people who run the island and the people who want to run the island go head to head in the nastiest of ways? Urgh…can’t someone please wake me up when it’s all over? Please?

Anyone who reads my work will know that I don’t talk politics and this is not solely for the fact that it is mostly a grey area for me and in order to avoid making a fool of myself, I choose to steer clear of the topic. It is mostly for the fact that St. Lucian politics in particular irritates me to the core.

I am not one of those people with their heads in the sand mind you. No, my eyes are wide open as I stand by observing all that is going on like a hawk.

But as an undecided citizen, I just can’t seem to be able to spot the lesser of the two evils that form the St. Lucia Labour Party and the United Workers Party.

Yes, there are some ministers/parliamentarians that I actually like and think have done and or are doing good work but because this goes across the board of yellow and red, I still can’t figure out whose box I’m going to be ticking.

Now, I know that it is part of my job as a journalist to give reports about the works, whereabouts and “whatyamaycallits” of both the current ruling party and the opposition party but you people don’t make it easy with the endless mud slinging and below the buckle remarks.

The level of childishness is insane as well…how could I have confidence in a bunch of “adults” to run my island home when they choose to waste precious time, energy and money of back and forth insults, slanderous campaigning and tit for tat come backs for each other’s jabs.

Should I be proud to call someone who calls his opponent “Granny” or the people who called their opponent “Poodle” MY parliamentarians? Really?

And that’s just the light stuff. The campaigning during the last election was really embarrassing as people went far too personal…Why one’s sex life should be compared to her work ethic and potential, I don’t know but yep, people went there and supporters lapped it up.

I really don’t care that it is done in other countries. Like I’ve said, my concerns are for SAINT LUCIA and it’s like my mum and many other parents have said to their children: “If such and such jumps off a cliff, would you do it too?”

So far as annoyed as it makes me, I’m glad that true colours are being revealed because I can hand on heart say that I am neither a Labour nor Flambeau supporter…in fact, I would most probably feel rather insulted if anyone tried to label me as either red or yellow.

Another thing that I’m happy about is the fact that I can call people out on their nonsensical antics without feeling like a traitor to my party.

When I say nonsensical antics, I’m talking about the mystery and controversy shrouding affairs like Jufalli, IMPACS, Grynberg and the Queen’s Chain.

Yes, I like the rest of the nation would still like answers and until I get them, I will continue to see the people involved as shady and dishonest.

You know what I would pay good money to see? A U.S style debate where the members of each party face each other to verbally duke it out.

I mean, why can’t this happen? Why isn’t it happening? I don’t care if it lasts for an entire week but I know that at the end of it all, there will be answers and most likely the politicians would have gotten all the “maypwee” off their chests and would use the money for advertising and campaigning for more pressing and important matters.

I have no personal ill feelings towards any of these politicians…they have done nothing to me personally and to be honest, I find a few of them quite cheerful but where work is concerned, I just feel that so much more needs to be done.

So the inevitable looms, bring on the aggressive campaigns and over-zealous supporters who resort to obeah, hanging effigies in the streets and traumatising the young ones, the accusations of politicians for unfortunate tragedies, the defacing of public property and the sporadic fights and feuds between clashing reds and yellows.

The time has come where Saint Lucia will become like the U.S with the Bloods and the Crips and locals will have to watch their backs if they wear the wrong colour in the wrong place.

We’re in the days where my email inbox is inundated with back and forth emails from each party with either invitations to press conferences to bellyache about the opponents or with press releases of childish responses to the opponent’s initial press release…sigh.

With all that is coming, I will do my job and bring for the reports but I will not enjoy a single bit of it.

I actually feel sorry for the talk show hosts, both on TV and radio who will have to entertain the party hacks and the die-hard supporters even though the hosts themselves might be enjoying it to the max.

But it is actually the undecideds like myself that I feel sorry for. The craziness is just beginning, so brace yourselves people because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

Bring on election day so that we can elect the bunch of people from the same stagnant pool…both red and yellow because I know that nothing will change but I just want the noise to stop already.

Rochelle entered the Media fraternity in May 2011 as a fresh-faced young woman with a passion for the English language, a thirst for worldly knowledge and a longing to inform the world of what was happening around them, whether it was good or bad.

She began as part of a small news team at Choice Television, which falls under the MediaZone umbrella. She was hired as one of the original members of the newly created Choice News Now team...Read full bio...



  1. Rochelle

    Please go over this history session with your family. It is important that you elaborate on the Haitian Rebellion, and the other topics mentioned in this lecture by Dr. Anderson, since she will never be taught her true history and situation as a person of African Ancestry. Develop a lesson plan, with a question and answer testing, to make certain that she becomes acquainted with these historical facts that will expand her mind and break the shackles from her mind. MAKE THIS A PART OF YOUR LIBRARY.




  2. Pleasey please. madam, just one tiny “likkle” exception:
    Mr Thing, Peter Josie, must continue to take on the “slings & arrows” from the ramparts of the purely altruistic ‘Loosshan” vanguard.
    And beware the galaxy is the limit in our onslaught of this 3 headed godzilla from Hades!

  3. The world has very few men today. We have males. I must admit, but men, a few. That is where the politician sees his opportunity and enters a corrupt world of vices,lies and manipulations. Soon he realizes his uphill battle and easily gives up his true dreams and joins the game. A game, where if you know your role you may end up doing quite well. If you decide to challenge the system, then there will be problems. The true man who wants to see changes expects quite a few problems. He already has a method to rid the systems of some of those problems. The male will take the easiest route. The world politicians. With politics it has always been about egos. They may say otherwise but their every day way of doing business speaks for them. Never do you hear a politician complementing one of his opponents idea as being good. Yet they claim to be honest. Does it really matter what part of the isle the best solution comes from. Especially when we are thinking of improving the country. That has always been a thorn in my side. Finally I realize, we have males, not men. Men with egos that will go to great lengths in protecting that ego. I could never be a politician. That price of betrayals would strip me of any inner soul. A price I am not willing to take. One a true man will never bargain.

  4. Julius

    You raise some very interesting points about the nature of the Politician. Effective politicians are best when they can generate consensus with the opposing Parties as was demonstrated with Stephenson King as Leader of the Opposition and Dr. Anthony after the Christmas Eve rainstorm, but King was humiliated and punished by the nincompoop UWP Party leader Allen Chastanet, Michael Chastanet, and Rick John Wayne, sowing the seeds of chaos and acrimony on the Island ever since.

    This condition of peevishness by these knaves have resulted in the many victims of Police murders being unable to obtain justice, even as Michael Chastanet attempts to justify and encourage the murder of countless Black men in St. Lucia, using the obnoxious argument about this being the method used by the Caucasian Christian Police in America to murder unarmed Black people who he Chastanet calls, “Bad Boys.”

    Here we see the little kave Michael Chastanet, who has been around since the 16th Century encouraging the murder of Black Lucians.





  5. I am amazed at the behavior of us humans, in many situations today. Actually I am appalled. That behavior is present throughout the entire world. However it did not originate in St. Lucia. That behavior of constant anger, threats and complete total disrespect is clearly led by world leaders and heads of governments. We are taught not to trust our neighbors based on their country of origin. We are taught that in order to justify the purchase of a fire arm, so as to enrich the pockets of the powerful, that all you have to claim is that it is being purchased for self defense. You bought your gun. You enjoy its feel you play with it briefly to get that feel. Now I remembered why I wanted that gun. I don’t like the way that dude looks at me. I will strap. He slips and I will smoke him. When they ask I will say he started willing towards me and I feared for my life. So I defended myself. Isn’t that amazing how our leaders have made it that easy for someone to kill another with no consequences. Why? Because they engineered an almost perfect way in having you to buy that gun. You can use it and with a good story you get to go home free. Now, supposing an elderly person thought exactly the same way about your parents, your mom.we cherish them dearly. Not that person acts out that role and your mom is dead. Would you simply say to yourself, well I have done it and now it is being done to my family. So I should feel no hatred. No. You would go searching for that person. They killed your mom. Your most precious person on earth. Well when you use the excuse of self defense because the law provides that leeway. Understand the person you killed was also precious to someone in much the same way you feel about your mom. We have a head. Use it. Enjoy thinking. Don’t allow others to make basically most of your decisions.

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