‘Semi’ Francis Addresses Suicides In New Release


St. Lucia’s foremost exponent of ‘positive reggae’ music Werner “Semi” Francis has released a brand new music video “Count My Blessings” a direct response to a disturbing increase in the frequency of suicides on St. Lucia.

The singer/songwriter, producer and studio owner says whilst he is not an expert on suicide and suicide prevention as an artiste he is concerned about the increasing number of people who are opting to take matters into their own hands.

The message in Semi’s music video “Count My Blessings” is to appreciate the many miracles that you are blessed with every day noting that” life’s been good and every day is worth celebrating”. He believes there are more reasons to celebrate life than to give up on living.

Semi hopes “Count My Blessings” will inspire St. Lucians to reach out to each other, talk through issues and celebrate every moment of life”.

“Count My Blessings” will also draw attention to the need for awareness of preventive and proactive measures in dealing with mental health issues. Consequently the artist hopes this will reduce the incidence of suicide.

The music video features Kelvin Glasgow as the lead actor and was directed and produced by Pierre Chester

“Count My Blessings” was written by Werner Francis, Meriaha St. Louis and Terrick King and produced by Danyl Daniel for Face Media Productions.

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