Franklin Covey Launching Here Tuesday

FRANKLIN Covey Co. (NYSE: FC) is a global company specializing in performance improvement. It helps organizations achieve results that require a change in human behaviour. Its expertise is in seven areas: leadership, execution, productivity, trust, customer loyalty, sales performance, and education.

FranklinCovey clients have included 90 percent of the Fortune 100, more than 75 percent of the Fortune 500, thousands of small and mid-sized businesses, as well as numerous government entities and educational institutions. FranklinCovey has more than 44 direct and partner offices providing professional services in over 147 countries.

In October 2015 the FranklinCovey Eastern Caribbean Franchise was acquired by Celestial Self Development Centre, a full service human resource and business consultancy firm established in Saint Lucia since 2008. FranklinCovey EC will be launched in Saint Lucia on Tuesday at a breakfast meeting targeting public and private sector entities and professional organisations.

The first workshop titled “5 Choices to extraordinary productivity” will be held on March 16 and 17. It will be facilitated by a partner AfraSchimming-Chase of FranklinCovey Namibia.

“We are commencing our workshop series with PRODUCTIVITY as we are aware of its importance in adding value to the bottom line of any business. The workshop provides not only a theoretical approach to productivity but leaves the participants with learnt skills that will enhance their productivity in the workplace and their private lives”, said TheclaDeteville, Celestial’s Managing Director

She added: “The value and impact of productivity on the organisation’s bottom lines vary from person to person depending on factors such as IQ, emotional intelligence, dedication, knowledge and experience. However with a little more application everyone can increase the value of their productivity. For an employee, a constant increase in the value to productivity is required for survival and growth. The good news is that new habits can be learnt and transferred providing there is the willingness to learn and do new things particularly if these principles have been tried and tested and their effectiveness has been proven in the international business environment”.

According to Deterville, value of productivity applies to everyone, a CEO, a factory worker, an office employee, a marketing executive, professionals, human resource specialists, supply chain and workers in any other discipline or domain. She said this was an opportunity to learn a tried and tested strategy for the first time in Saint Lucia. For more information we invite you to contact us at [email protected] or telephone number 758-453-1924.

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