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Gonzalves Prevails

Image: St Vincent: Prime Minister Ralph Gonzalves

THE St. Vincent and the Grenadines elections are all over and Ralph Gonzales has clinched an unprecedented fourth term in office despite the visible downside to the nation’s economy under his watch over the last 15 years and taking into account the perilous financial error he created in respect of an ill-conceived International airport which is likely to create more negatives than positives in the years ahead.

Unfortunately, this is a matter which will have to be dealt with by Dr. Gonzales and the citizenry in the long term. It should be recalled that Sir James Mitchell, the guest speaker at the last UWP convention reiterated that when an opposition leader loses the election, he should immediately tender his resignation and only remain in office if the party permits him to do so.

Mr.ArnhimUlric Eustace has more than passed the prescribed advice by some 400% and hopefully, politicians in the Caribbean need to reflect on the thoughts of a successful veteran politician to fully comprehend how the ball bounces within the political arena.

Be that as it may, the Vincentian public has spoken marginally that Ralph Gonzales is the man and on that score we should wish the chosen Prime Minister well.

— The Watchman

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  1. Two -2- deux FAT paragraphs criticizing a neighbor country on their internal matters
    and two to elevate recent flambeau convention-
    and a slim stanza that really relates in closing, to the theme-topic of this slanderous article.
    Beware, of a retaliatory Carib led -head hunting foray to abduct Arawak denizens of flambeau underground-from North St Vincent 🙂

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