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I Was Discriminated Against

The Editor

This letter is to express my outrage and disappointment with a lending institution in the city of Castries.

Upon entry into this establishment, I was filled with hope and good expectations. However, this feeling was not meant to last because as soon as the attendant saw me he immediately made a judgement against me based on my protruding belly.

“Hi, good afternoon, I’m here to find out more information on how I could get a small loan,” I said with enthusiasm. “Oh let me stop you right there,” he said with his hands signalling the stop! sign. “We don’t offer loans to persons who are pregnant,” he continued.

A feeling of total awe, mixed with disbelief and anger covered my face. I could not believe this. In this age, in St. Lucia I was being discriminated against because I was expecting. The attendant didn’t care who I was, where I worked, what salary I earned, but he was quick to right me off all because I was pregnant.

Having a baby in St. Lucia seems to mean that you are incapable of paying off a loan on time. This brought about two questions: “do all other clients, who are not pregnant, pay their loans on time?” and “Are all pregnant women delinquent in paying off their loans on time?”

I believe I was discriminated against and I don’t think that this is right. I decided to tell my story to take a stand for all pregnant, hard-working, women who were turned down for only one reason, and that reason is because of bringing forth new life.

Expectant mother


  1. Black women are sub-human – ask Peter Josie who thinks they are too “uglier” – and they play the role so well. They pray to a naked Caucasian as their God almighty, and see no disgrace in worshiping a Man-God who hates women, and therefor chose to have only a White Son to be God – didn’t want a daughter, while this Sexist God “CURSED” the women with pain and suffering during gestation of the nine-months of pregnancy, making her to vomit and torture her because of his hatred of the woman.

    So you think you deserved to be treated differently NOW ? Speak to these misogynist like Linus Clovis, and Patrick who think women are too nasty to even have sex with them, so they practice pedophillia, raping little boys and girls while you said nothing ? Now you want seek help from the same people in your church ? .




  2. next time you want a loan you must bring along your husband as guarantor should something goes wrong/round during childbearing .

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    The Beautiful Black woman has suffered most in our experiences of the so-called New World. While the people of African ancestry who were the economic engine of the Caucasian Capitalist Empires, American, French, and British in particular, supplied the wealth that these Caucasian Christians enjoy up until this very day, it was the beautiful African Queens who were the Masters of the Universe carrying scoundrels like the Pirate Queen Elizabeth-II, named after her villainous and filthy sister Elizabeth-I known for not bathing herself, and today’s English Prime Minster David Cameron who inherited his wealth from his slave plantation in Jamaica, yes, it was the African Queens who were able to provide the nourishment by turning the Pig bowels/Chitlins into edible meals for the field-hands picking cotton for the Caucasian Christian Slave Masters.

    Recently, historians like Sven Beckert, Robin Blackburn and Walter Johnson have emphasized that cotton, the raw material of the early Industrial Revolution, was by far the most important commodity in 19th-century international trade and that capital accumulated through slave labor flowed into the coffers of Northern States and British bankers, merchants and manufacturers. And far from being economically backward, advances in modern accounting and finance were established on the back of the African Queen. Mis-educated Negroes with Accounting and Finance College degrees are never taught such truths, resulting in ignorant, brainwashed robots like a a Peter Josie, and the “Ones who would be white” Ricky John Wayne and Allen Chastanet.

  4. I am still shocked. I am hoping you would have brought this to the attention of the consumer affairs dept and consumer affairs association. Sadly you didnt mention the company and this would still give them the sream to continue doing do.

  5. Unfortunately the women in positions of leadership like Mary Francis, Sarah Flood, Gail Regobert, Mary Isaac, are unconscious Negress women who subscribe to the doctrine of White Supremacy and see no SHAME in kneeling before a naked Caucasian-man-god-Jesus dripping blood from every lower orafice of his anatomy, as their God and Master – this is the root of SEXISM in the Universe.

    This same bogus slave-master’s God given them in slavery who teaches them that the African Queens are a Cursed Gender, who because of fornicating with Satan in the Garden of Eden, has caused all INNOCENT newborn infants to be “GUILTY” of committing what these Demonic practitioners call ORIGINAL SIN, and women must be punished by this SEXIST GOD in perpetuity with the “CURSE OF THE CROSS” over their womb during the period gestation.

    Planters called their method of labor control the “pushing system.” Each slave was assigned a daily picking quota, which increased steadily over time. The writer Baptist, who feels that historians too often employ circumlocutions that obscure the horrors of slavery, prefers to call it “the ‘whipping-machine’ system.” In fact, the word we should really use, he insists, is “torture.”

    To make slaves work harder and harder, planters utilized not only incessant beating but forms of discipline familiar in our own time — sexual humiliation, bodily mutilation, even waterboarding. In the cotton kingdom, “Caucasian people inflicted torture far more often than in almost any human society that ever existed.” When Abraham Lincoln reminded Americans in his Second Inaugural Address of the 250 years of “blood drawn with the lash” that preceded the Civil War, he was making a similar point: Violence did not begin in the United States with the firing on Fort Sumter.

  6. The CONCEPT OF ALLAH/GOD in Islam, from the Qur-an

    In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
    Say, “The truth is that Allah is One/UNIQUE. 1 (1)

    Allah is Besought of all, needing none/NOTHING. 2 (2)

    He neither begot/impregnated anyone, nor was he begotten/born. (3) 

    And equal to Him has never been any one or thing.” (4)

    1) The concept of pure monotheism was foreign to almost all the people living in Arabia, be they pagans, Jews, or Christians. Pagans had coined deities apart from Allah, and called the angels Allah’s daughters, while Christians divided godhead in three Persons, and believed Jesus as Allah’s son. Jews of Arabia believed ‘Uzair as Allah’s son. When the Holy Prophet (Peace and prayers be upon him/S.A.W) explained pure monotheism, and invited people to worship Allah alone, many of them asked him to give full description of Allah Ta‘ala/most high. In answer to such questions, this Surah was revealed, which removes all misconceptions about Allah in brief, eloquent and impressive style that cannot be translated in any other language. Since it explains the doctrine of Tauhid/uniqueness of God, which is one of the three basic doctrines of Islam, this Surah is given the title of ‘one third of the Holy Qur’an’. Its recitation too carries the reward of the recitation of one third of the Holy Qur’an.

    2) The original word is samad, which means ‘one who needs none to help him, but all people turn to him for help’. The pagans believed that Allah has many deities to assist Him in managing the affairs of the universe. This verse declares that being besought of all, He needs none to assist Him. Anyone who needs help from others is not worthy of being called as God.

  7. When confronted with absurd events like this, seek the assistance of a supervisor, customer care personnel or a manager. That is part of their job. To leave the premises then complain is not getting you anywhere. Further, to “son of man”, Jesus was not Caucasian, but of Arabic stock. Know your geography!!

    1. ” Jesus was not Caucasian, but of Arabic stock. Know your geography”
      Son-of-man has been reminded of this on several occasions, yet he continues to deliberately misinform the simpletons.

  8. They should be ashamed of them selves, “We don’t give loans to Pregnant women” ppl………………..Boycott the Bank in question,……..You should have insisted in talking to the Manager or someone at the Bank and expose them to the Media……………Fools, they are…

  9. They should be ashamed of them selves, “We don’t give loans to Pregnant women” ppl………………..Boycott the Bank in question,……..You should have insisted in talking to the Manager or someone at the Bank and expose them to the Media……………Fools, they are…

  10. Many saint Lucian businesses have a long way to go in customer service skills . They do not train their employees,,nothing is confidential at the banks and govt.offices and people just accept that..Sorry to hear that a woman was treated in this way. We are fast losing our respect for women ,children ,and the elderly. “A society can rise no higher than the respect it gives it’s women” I am ashamed to be saint Lucian when people like that represent us.

  11. /

    Reading some of these comments, I can’t avoid the obvious dichotomy, cognitive impairment, or hypocrisy exhibited by the writers. All of these Negroes here propagate a doctrine of MALE SUPERIORITY/SUPREMACY, this is true for both the females and males who perceive God/Allah as a man with testicles, penis blue-eyes and blond hair.

    How can one ascribe to such a SEXIST and RACIST doctrine of the WOMAN BEING CURSED BY GOD because she caused the first human being, Adam, to disobey God, resulting in his and his descendants being kicked out of paradise ? In other words, if it were not for the “EVIL WOMAN” there would be no suffering, physical or mental, no wars, and tranquility would be the order of the day. I tell you people, that unless you begin to reject such demonic Racist and Sexist doctrine instilled into your subconscious mind from infancy, as taught in the Catholic Church and Christianity, yours will be an endless tale of woe.

    This is what the book you call “GOD’S WORD”, says when referencing you women :


    15. There is no head above the head of a serpent; and there is no wrath above the wrath of an enemy.

    16. I had rather dwell with a lion and a dragon, than to keep house with a wicked woman.

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    18. Her husband shall sit among his neighbours; and when he heareth it shall sigh bitterly.

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    20. As the climbing up a sandy way is to the feet of the aged, so is a wife full of words to a quiet man.

    21. Stumble not at the beauty of a woman, and desire her not for pleasure.

    22. A woman, if she maintain her husband, is full of anger, impudence, and much reproach.

    23. A wicked woman abateth the courage, maketh an heavy countenance and a wounded heart: a woman that will not comfort her husband in distress maketh weak hands and feeble knees.

    24. Of the woman came the beginning of sin, and through her we all die.

    25. Give the water no passage; neither a wicked woman liberty to gad abroad.

    26. If she go not as thou wouldest have her, cut her off from thy flesh, and give her a bill of divorce, and let her go.  

    You women of African ancestry are mentally ill ! Killing your beautiful hair with FIRE/HOT COMBS, and CHEMICALS/PERMS to make your beautiful hair lie lifeless on your scalp and then spray it with starch to give it “BODY”, instead of learning to care your beautiful hair naturally – YOU REALLY ARE A SICK FOLK through the doings of the EVIL CAUCASIAN CHRISTIANS MISSIONARIES.

    Here’s Josie and John Wayne telling us about the BENEFITS of having a PALE WOMAN.




  12. /

    Slumping Chemical Relaxer Sales Confirm Natural Hair is Here to Stay

    Slumping sales of hair relaxers among African-American women tell the story: More women are opting to forgo chemicals and go natural. But it’s the anecdotal evidence that conveys the real message.
    In less than a year, the Boston Naturals Hair Meet Up Group has grown from 200 to 800 active members. Experts are reporting a bump in the number of women looking to go natural, particularly over the past two years. The Boston group is no anomaly. Most major cities now have groups for women who dub themselves “naturals,” or are considering going natural. A look at the website My Natural Hair Events shows dozens of gatherings, and video blogs on YouTube are filled with advice on styling natural hair.


  13. /

    The Self-Hating Negress, Spends almost a Trillion U.S.dollars on weaves and wigs, buying Indian, and Brazilian women hair, and then add bleaching creams to give them cancer.

    The Black haircare industry is grossly underestimated, and knowingly so. Market research firm Mintel estimated the size of the 2012 market at $684 million, with a projection of $761 million by 2017. But Mintel also wisely notes:

    What’s missing from these figures are general market brands, weaves, extensions, wigs, independent beauty supply stores, distributors, e-commerce, styling tools and appliances. If all of those things were to be taken into consideration, the US$684 million in expenditures could reach a whopping half trillion dollars.

    Half trillion, as is in U.S.$500 billion. That’s more than double Greece’s Gross Domestic Product.



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