Move To Boot Out Entire CSA Executive

AN attempt is underway to throw out the current executive of the Civil Service Association.

This is one of the results of recent feuding within the CSA over the decision of former President Mary Isaac to accept a position in the Senate as a member of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP).

A group of members calling themselves the “Save our Union” team say they have amassed 512 signatures from members calling for an Extraordinary Meeting of the organization to petition for the removal of the entire National Executive Council of the Union.

The group says the signatures were collected over a two week period following a launch at a meeting held at the Castries Town Council on Friday, May 29.

The petition was filed under Section 6.9(i) of the Constitution of CSA which provides for the removal of the entire Executive Council or any of its members by a two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting at an Extraordinary General Meeting held for this purpose.

According to the constitution of the Union, 75 signatures are required to call for the removal of the executive.

Among the grievances quoted by the petitioners are:

1. Procedural impropriety including the failure of the Executive to hold an Annual General Meeting for ratification of the membership of the Executive Council and signing of cheques using unauthorized procedures;

2. Unconstitutional action regarding the refusal to convene General Council meetings as well as the appointment of members of the National Executive Council;

3. Misconduct and disregard for the views and requests of members, including the denial of membersrightsguaranteed by the constitution and the use of disparaging remarks to tarnish members;

4. Incompetence in the administration of the affairs ofthe Union, including the lapse of insurance coverage for five months from December 2014 and the non-negotiation of expired collective agreements.

5. The failure of the National Executive Council to effectively represent and unite all its members in accordance with its objects.

6. Failure of the National Executive Council to remain politically impartial and independent, resulting insignificant dissatisfaction and withdrawal of membership in excess of 300 members.

“The Save Our Union Team calls on all members of the Union to remain vigilant and united against such abuse of power and incompetence whichis destroying the image and integrity of our Union and undermining its ability to effectively represent its members”, said a spokesman for the protesting group.


  1. Amen! Alleluia!
    Be part of the St Lucia Renaissance.
    Be bold as you bravely do the RIGHT thing for workers of St.Lucia and the GLOBE.
    Take the lead. Do not follow these OPPORTUNIST— USERS
    For those of us -globally- who believe in the integrity of the union of workers committed first and foremost to THE VERY BEST INTERESTS of WORKING CONDITIONS and JUST COMPENSATIONS for our SWEAT EQUITY -to provide decently for our FAMILIES and their POSTERITY-
    We shall not be used as cannon fodder for personal -political- gain or nepotism!
    Do not recycle this garbage. New start . Endless possibilities.
    Hip Hip Hooray!

  2. /

    This is a telling revelation in light of the stalled negotiations to reduce the island’s deficit in collaboration with this Do-Little CSA Executives ! The Government should launch a formal inquiry into this conspiracy to sabotage the negotiations with Mr. Chester Hinkson, a person who has demonstrated his love and generosity towards the people of St. Lucia, because of this ‘con-plo’/plot hatched by this corrupt group of individuals led by the treacherous woman with the daggers in her panties.

    We now know that Mary Isaac made a ‘con-plo’ with the demonic entities of Allen Chastanet and his legions of Majee Noir and Lajables headed by Peter Josie and Gail Medusa Regobert. The Roman Stripper Rick John Wayne has been ‘Dey-Gajayed’ by Dr. Optical in recent days, and Rick has begun to ‘De-Parlay’ (confession of the dying), begging the “Magnificent” Dr. Anthony to not administer the fatal ‘vahwey’/prick of annihilation, and to allow him, Rick John Wayne to return into his skin which is now in the possession of Anthony.

    Here’s Stephenson King crossing the Isle while Ricky John Wayne continues to ‘De-Parlay’ as Kenny Anthony Deliverers a stake into the heart of Allen’s Bolom the voodoo man, Guy Joseph, causing Rick John Wayne to refer to the PM as, “KENNY THE MAGNIFICENT”:



  3. /

    I hate to say: “I told you so !” now as “Things Fall Apart”, it is becoming clear that Allen Chastanet is, like I said, a deceitful nincompoop and an ignoramus. I have produced statements being made by Allen, that any individual who has a formal education would never have made – I reference his statement that The Civil War in the U.S.A. was fought with England over taxes. Now it has come to light, that there is no College Transcript of Allen Chastanet Graduating from College/University.

    The Hon. Richard Frederick calls on Allen Chastanet to produce his BOGUS DIPLOMAS to be examined by the Lucian News Media.



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