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‘Frozen’ Warms Many Hearts – Children Dancers Take The Stage

Some of the young dancers in Motion Studios
Some of the young dancers in Motion Studios

PARENTS and relatives of the youngest generation of local dancers were treated to a special dance production of the popular Disney animated movie “Frozen” on Sunday.

The production was organised and choreographed by Motion Studios as an end of year treat to show parents of the 40 plus children who attend dance classes with the company, just what the little ones have learnt since its inception in February this year.

The event which accommodated a packed audience was held downstairs of the Valmont building in Rodney Heights and featured a number of dance pieces depicting scenes from the children’s movie as well as an appearance from Papa Jab and his minions after the production.

Choreographer and Director of Motion’s Studios, Tennail Thomas-Wolff told The VOICE that the production was one that serves not only as a showcase but as a memorable event in the lives of the young dancers.

It was also aimed at bringing to life the magical story about a hapless snow queen and her devoted and optimistic little sister who is willing to stop at nothing and risk her life in the process to save her frightened older sibling from herself and her powers which she is struggling to control.

Thomas-Wolff said the build-up to the event was no easy venture as dealing with 40 something children plus raising the $18,000 needed to put it all together was hard work but it was a huge challenge well worth it.

The long-time dancer said she is hoping to target schools through the Ministry of Education to inculcate dance into the school curriculum and to get more children involved in the art form.

She said: “I think that when it comes to the performing arts, we definitely need to do a lot more. We cannot make it something that happens once a year. My goal for Motion Studios is to try to put on three major productions a year. It’s not only for the children to develop themselves as dancers but it’s to inspire children out there, the potential dancers to come forward.”

Thomas-Wolff said it was her dream to breathe life into the art form island wide and give children all over the chance to become great dancers and perhaps move onto grander stages like St. Lucian born dancer, Darcel Frederick who currently performs in Disney’s “The Lion King” in London.

Thomas-Wolff said she is hopeful that productions of this sort will take place more frequently where her studio is concerned.

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