SOUTH NAIL BITER – Lab Techs Over Police In Basketball

Photo of Lab Techs
Lab Techs (PHOTO SCBL)

BASKETBALL action continued in the South Coast Championship on Tuesday evening, when No. 2 Lab Techs who defeated Police twice during the regular season, needed every effort they could summon to hold strong in a nail-biting victory in Micoud against Police.

Lab Techs won the first quarter 17-13 with eight points from Carson Alexander who was on fire on the night scoring 5 of 8 from behind the arc, two in the first quarter.

The Police made a valiant comeback in the second period. CaliusDantes was brilliant with seven points in the quarter. The Police still trailed, however, 31-28 at halftime, with Lab Techs’ Alexander continuing the hot shooting with another two treys before the end of the period.

After losing the third period 8 – 10 the Police came on strong in the fourth, Erwin Tertullien scoring seven straight points for a 7 – 2 run that tied scores at 43 with less than five minutes remaining.

Lab Techs’ VachelCherubin scored five straight points to give his club the lead 50-47 with 2:52 remaining. KurlinusAugustin was then fouled with Lab Techs in the penalty. Kurlinus, 50% from the line on the night, scored on the first attempt and missed on the second which was recovered by Dantes for a strong baseline layup. With 53 seconds remaining, the scores were tied again, now 50 – 50.

Lab Techs Cherubin drove to the hoop and was fouled. Cherubin, also 50% from the line on the night, missed on the first and scored the second attempt. Lab Techs were now up 51-50 with 31 seconds remaining.

The Police guards tried to advance the ball quickly, but fumbled and Lab Techs stole it. Carson Alexander received a rough foul from Tertullen and a heated exchange ensued.

Lab Techs’ Alexander at line scored the second of two free throws. The Police took a time-out, with the score 52-50 and 19 seconds of play remaining.

It is unclear what the play was to be completed by the Police in those final seconds, but Tertullien drove the ball up the middle and released an off-balance shot which hit the rim and bounced off the backboard to the left corner. The Police were able to recover the rebound, but another hurried attempt was missed and this time Lab Techs grabbed the loose ball as regulation time expired, with the score 52-50.

Bracket Results – With the win Lab Techs advance to the championship stages of the playoffs and will face BBC in a semi final match-up on November 29 in Vieux Fort.

With the loss Police are now relegated to the loser’s bracket and will face the MicoudHustlerz at home on Saturday in an elimination match.

Top Performances in this game Lab Techs, Carson Alexander (20 points, 3 rebounds,) VachelCherubin (13 points, 3 rebounds) and Dwayne St. Omer (8 points, 15 rebounds, 2 steals and 3 blocks).

For the Police – CaliusDantes (18 points, 17 rebounds), Erwin Tertullien 13 points, 2 rebounds and KurlinusAugustin (9 points 5 rebounds).

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