Capoeira Comes To Aquatic Centre – Free Trial Class This Friday

CAPOEIRA, the Brazilian martial art which teaches an intriguing brand of defence, has found a new home in the north of St Lucia. The Rodney Bay Aquatic Centre has opened its doors to Capoeira 758, the premier practitioners on the island.

Michael Sankar (1) and Danny Augustin executing a simple defensive sequence.
Michael Sankar (1) and Danny Augustin executing a simple defensive sequence.

The art form, which has become popular worldwide, is characterized by quick complex moves, acrobatics, and a grace that can make it seem almost choreographed.

But it’s not just about tricks and flips. Capoeira is a proven stress reliever and can provide that toned look many long for.

And this Friday, all are invited to a free trial class from 6:30 p.m. at the Aquatic Centre.

Instructor and Capoeira 758 president Danny Augustin, is thrilled to be bringing the practice back to the north after a short hiatus.

“We’re extremely excited to bring capoeira back to the north. It’sgonna be a ton of fun and a really good workout as well. Anyone seeking a fun energetic way to work out or gain martial arts experience, or just looking to try something new, should definitely not miss this.”

Capoeira 758 is a local organization which was established by Augustin in December 2012. He has since been joined by fellow capoeirista Michael Sankar. Both trained under ContreMestre PQD in London, accumulating numerous belts and gaining teaching skills from years of assistance with schools programmes in the United Kingdom.

In just under two years, Capoeira 758 classes have expanded to include Fitness Freaks Gym in Corinth, Sportivo in Rodney Heights, and the Carellie Gym. In addition, school sessions have commenced at Monroe College, St Mary’s College and the Gros-Islet Primary School. The group has also held classes at cultural events, charitable activities, and summer camps.

For more information call 723-5059, email capoeira758@gmail or find us on Facebook.

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