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The fallout of poor decisions

By James Stanislaus

The display of local and regional security officers embarking on a massive search at various hotspots (the Vieux Fort area included) was encouraging, but the causes which led to all of this was certainly very sad.

Here we have a former Prime Minister for fifteen years and above all a district rep for twenty-five years in the south leaving such a legacy behind.  Up to the present day, his government has not accepted the fact that the south requires employment to give the folks an alternative to a life of crime.

Even more importantly, under the UWP administration the SLP placed every possible roadblock to thwart development in the south not realizing the danger to the area and depriving the citizens of a livelihood.  Could those responsible for these errors live at peace with themselves?  What then was the real reason for such absurd decisions other than petty politics.  So well organized were these efforts served to the electorate prior to the 2021 elections that our people fell for the criticism hook, line and sinker.

On the other hand, we are now faced with a Housing Ministry which appears to be on a different wave length with the administration by making decisions con-trary to pre-election proposals.

The housing ministry was given ten million dollars some twelve months ago but so far all we have witnessed is the construction of three extremely moderate one-bedroom units at Dennery and the sale of one of the nation’s well-placed waterfront land at below market selling price and the purchase of a property on Chaussee Road for the housing ministry and most of the funds received from the sale of the waterfront lands were used for the purchase of that Chaussee property.

We now pose a simple analysis.  Government owns a structurally sound three-storey building laying idle for many years at the corner of Micoud and Laborie streets facing the Derek Walcott Square which could be easily renovated for less than buying a building on the upper part of Castries.  Even more interesting, the location of the government structure is superior.  The nation needs a re-sponse to such transactions which leaves more questions than answers.

While on this subject, I happen to tune in to News Spin on Tuesday and paid attention to a discussion surrounding the sale of the said property.  The sad part of the discussion surrounded the concerns of disrespect to the buyer but not to an unusual transaction which raised eyebrows and concerns.

Unless we as true St Lucians understand the political gimmickry being sold to us, we shall forever remain in the shadows of darkness.

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