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Am I Spinning Top in Mud?

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By Carlton Ishmael

After writing for so, long it sometimes seems to me as if I am carrying a heavy cross on my shoulder or head, forever. After hundreds of articles sharing my thoughts, sometimes ideas, giving suggestions and opinions, it sometimes makes me think that it matters not, because no matter what I write, things seem to remain the same. And although some people may read or share my sentiments, I still sometimes wonder if it is worth continuing.

Considering I try to submit one per week and it’s been about ten years, after over 500 articles, should I put my pen down? I ask because I often wonder if ideas are still relevant, or they change the price of coffee, or have any impact.

I reckon that almost everyone has gone to social media and newspaper articles maybe are becoming redundant and fewer people care about that role or purpose for article writers.

It’s like painting a picture that nobody sees or cares about, or, as we say, spinning top in mud, preaching without an audience. You feel like you are talking uselessly and living in a time when your opinion matters not — and this is the crux of the matter.

Generally, my initial thought was that ideas had legs and could be an inspiration to some, or a kind of support to like minds and when sharing your thoughts, you made some people think they were not themselves, thinking in isolation.

The point I am trying to make is, if one runs and is considered a good athlete, you at least expect an occasional spectator; likewise a painter, dancer or musician: they all hope their creative works would at least get an audience, at least for some sort of acceptance.

But often you are made to feel that your efforts are in vain and it is only you that seems to think life has purpose, value or relevance.

Some people do try to inspire, or share their experiences, or give an opinion, or try to contribute to the general upliftment of our society. But the fact that so few persons are writing or saying anything, it makes me wonder if other opinions matter, or can assist in any way, shape or form.

When one builds a home, it may be for self. But if the building is impressive, you at least hope that some people will notice it — and just maybe the builder will be called upon to build another for another client.

We share thoughts and ideas to inspire others, we commit so as to remain an inspiration to others, but when you start feeling that you are part of a dying breed, or stuck in an old mold, or your works seem not relevant, it makes you wonder if it is worth continuing, or if it’s time to throw in the towel.

There was a time when newspapers and magazines seemed to be where you looked for meaningful suggestions or opinions, but since less and less persons write or share or use this print medium for its intended purpose, I often wonder if this is the end of the road for newspapers.

There was a time when writers and thinkers or creative souls were all doing it because of their love or passion and seldom because others cared about their input, but all that seems to have changed with time. Some will say “Never give up”, but I would ask, if your works seems non-relevant, what is the point?

In this Country the creative few strive, but their contribution seems to get minimal attention, little applause is heard and the audiences are becoming fewer. No wonder parents seldom encourage their offspring to pursue art or sports as a career or an intended way of life.

The calculator counts for you, the internet thinks for you, the achievements of other world people seem good enough for your acknowledgement, but we only seem to see great in the rest of the world’s achievers, we adore the great sportsmen and women of the rest of the world, and we do not mind being ranked at the bottom of the cricket World as West Indians, because when it comes to supporting our own home-grown talent, we usually take no or little notice, or give little care for our children’s efforts.

Mind you every now and then one or two become world-renowned but, that grouping is so few you can count them on your fingers.

How I pray that in my lifetime we the people pay more attention to our creative people and give them all the support and encouragement necessary to support their efforts.

Encouragement is what is most needed, and that seems the most absent. The lack of support dampens efforts; and if we do not appreciate, then we are all left to wonder how relevant our inputs are.

I look forward to readers’ thoughts on this topic.

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