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Two Wrongs Don’t Make a Right

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

Most women – and not only now – will defend suspected criminals they have connections with, mainly (if not only) because of the financial and material benefits they get from the relationship. But when one of their own is brutally gunned down, knowing full well that this crime is usually done by a man, I wonder how they feel.

There have been several women gunned-down to death or otherwise killed over the last few years and despite their defensive positions, it should be worrying that they too are victims of criminality, as the new wave of crime has no boundaries, so we all – including women — must fight or do what we must to let the law take its course, despite the friendship.

Usually, it is because we do not want to be identified as the source of the information, especially when we know that there is no Witness Protection Program and information is not kept secret. But nevertheless, if we do not play our part to fight this scourge, then the situation will continue to worsen.

My view is, if you choose not to talk, at least let the police do their work.

I know that most women are connected to men in more ways than one, some being their children, some being their lovers and some their source of revenue. But we cannot continue to remain tight-lipped or become defenders of criminality.

Sometimes, you just have to let justice take its course. Change depends on all of us, inclusive of our women. Sad that most of them may not want to see their Man or male friends or close neighbours be identified as the culprit, but it is important that life takes its course.

Something must be done because things cannot remain as is indefinitely. So, our mindset needs to change, because accept it or not, like it or not, as hurtful as it may be, we are all in this together. So, our Country must come first.

Our situation is real, so come-what-may, we must have a change – and without change, the outcome will remain the same, or even worsen. So, folks, we have to deal with our situation, and we must accept that our young men are largely responsible for the carnage, whether through violent means or carnage on the roads from Road Rage.

There is no doubt in my mind those who commit criminal acts had and have the intention to hurt others — meaning YOU and ME. So, for reality to step in women must let go of the notion that criminal men who are their friends are only loyal and loving. You must look at the other sides of your men that you don’t like and face it, instead of covering it up. It’s not easy but give it a try because the simple fact is, wrong is wrong and two wrongs cannot make a right. So, get sensible and deal with your reality and stop hindering the course of justice by your actions. So, try to stop only thinking of yourself and start thinking of all those victims.

Women: Step-up because you too will continue to be a victim if the circumstances don’t change. You are the Giver of Life, you are the Protectors of Life, but YOU ARE NOT GOD AND YOU ARE NOT THE LAW, so you are NOT the one to suppress it.

To God be the glory but give on to Caesar what belongs to him and let the law prevail because without Laws and Rules the result is anarchy. So, my plea to you, My Sisters, is: Just be real, stop the foolish intent and be wise as Mothers of Men.


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