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‚ÄúOur country is facing a profound economic crisis. The aftermath of Covid still lingers. Putin‚Äôs war in Ukraine has destabilised energy markets and supply chains the world over. I will place economic stability and confidence at the heart of this government‚Äôs agenda. This will mean difficult decisions to come.‚ÄĚ Rt. Hon. Rishi Sunak, UK Prime Minister

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You have to be in it to win it. I hope you do not allow the opportunity to purchase a POWER BALL Jackpot ticket to pass you by. On October 27, 2022 it was estimated to be at   US$800,000,000.00 by 11.00 pm on the 29/10/22. However, I feel it can reach as much as US$1,000,000,000.00 before the   draw. I cancelled my Friday lunch date at one of the popular beach front restaurants in the South and invested the cost of the lunch in Power Ball Lottery tickets. You are invited to share my joy when the winning numbers are declared.

The Rt. Hon., Rishi Sunak, MP, Prime Minister is the wealthiest politician and first person of Asian descent in the history of politics in the UK. He now leads the UK’s Conservative Party and Government. He ascended to the leadership of the government at a time when the UK is in economic chaos and definitely needs a new direction. The nation should be in a better position to know the future direction of the Government by the end of this week.

The political climate in the USA as we move into the final days towards the midterm elections is Hot, Hot, Hot. It is amazing that in spite of all the relief programmes the Biden Administration has brought about through various Bills, the Republicans are still in a strong position to take back the House and Senate, along with many Governor and State Legislator positions across the country. I think, the most potent platform issue is the Threat to Democracy across the nation. No other issue is greater than that. Everything should be done to ensure that Democracy remains alive and well in the USA.

President Trump and his allies should never be allowed to trample upon the gains of Democracy now or at any other time. The underhandedness of some Republicans must be dealt with once and for all. There are several challenges to the election process and one recent development that is most troubling is the fear being experienced by election workers who in some cases have withdrawn their services. Election workers who have acquired experience over a number of years are invaluable to the process where mistakes can be costly. It is time for the citizens of the United States to stand up and let their voices be heard – that threats to Democracy in all its forms will not be tolerated.

We are living in a world that appears to be sliding down the mountain in a freefall. Steps must be taken to stop the slide. The arms race is continuing with one country flaunting its advances in the production of weaponry with regular tests. There seems to be no effect of sanctions on North Korea. Its Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is defiant in continuing with the nation’s current arms programme. The situation in Ukraine does not indicate that there will be an end to the war any time soon. President Putin continues to bully his way to a solution that favours Russia. The Republicans signalled their intention to reduce assistance to Ukraine if they control the Senate next January.

There are so many threats coming from GOP politicians that should terrify any freedom loving citizen and most of all those who feel that in a democratic country, Government should work in the best interest of their citizens, in the areas of Abortion Rights, Healthcare, Affordable Drug prices, Freedom to vote, etc. These are serious issues and should be treated as such. Why do such obvious issues have to be so difficult to be acted upon by voters? Voters must begin asking, WHAT IS IN IT FOR US? Maybe it might be easier to answer the question ‚Äď Why Do We Vote?

The people of the world cannot afford to sit back and allow our leaders to take advantage of us because we are powerless. Some may argue that our power is in the ballot box every four or five years; however, without truly understanding our purpose for voting, it will be an exercise in futility. We, the people must be in it to win it.

Whatever happens, it will take money to pay our bills, and live a decent life. I will always be grateful for the memory that I had a ticket for the POWER BALL of 29/10/22 even if that is all. Until 11.00 pm on Saturday 29/10/22, all who participated in the POWER BALL are in the money.

Happy Jounen Kweyol weekend! Be blessed and stay safe!

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