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Potential and Established Small Business Persons Must Pay Attention to Planning, Writing, Discussions and Timely Execution

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The Saint Lucia Labour Party government under the leadership of Honourable Philip J. Pierre, Prime Minister, is attempting to develop a new cadre of young business persons/entrepreneurs under the Youth Economy Initiative and is offering training and financial support to interested young people. It is my sincere hope that the government is not leaving behind the older folks. Many of them are just waking up to the reality that their pensions cannot keep them afloat financially, and a side hustle is necessary if they are to maintain an average lifestyle.

This column is intended to draw attention to a few simple facts that will assist persons venturing into the area of business or who are currently in business but are not getting the results they envisage when they first entered into business offering tangible or intangible products (services). Getting into business must not be a rush decision. It must be well thought out and interested persons should seek advice from a coach who is qualified to do so. Unfortunately, there are not many people who will take the time to listen and to recommend the steps needed to be taken.

Associate yourself with persons whom you can learn from. Enter into discussions that will propel you to better understand your business. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. As you develop your mastermind group and your work team, be sure to schedule meetings to discuss and plan for the business.

Establish timelines that will ensure the timely execution of projects. Whatever you plan to do – do it. Do not procrastinate. Let no one rob you of your momentum. Get yourself a Business Coach who will be your Accountability Manager as well. You need to be accountable. This is one of the few relationships that guarantees success. Call this person who is integral to your business success,  Business Coach, Accountability Manager, or Success Coach, he/she will ensure your success.

This is for those who dream to be business persons. It all begins with the initial process of visualising, conceptualising and actualising the project that you are passionate about. Now that you are sold on your project, here comes the most important question. Is there a market for your offering? If there is, here comes the question that will be the driver for your success: What is your Why for embarking on this project?

Once you are satisfied with your answers, you need to plan your action steps for a minimum of three years. Plan, Plan, Plan! Be informed by your investigations. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and seek nobody’s permission to make your decision. Do not lose your momentum.

Get a notepad and begin to write down the information you solicit. Confirm all business decisions in writing. Develop a writing culture. Do not rely on memory and verbal agreements. As you progress, try always to communicate with team members in writing.

About six years ago, I wrote and self-published a 96 page book, titled “Winning Strategies for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises.” I recommend that anyone who needs some guidance, whether you are getting into or in business read my book which can be found at https://stluciagreatpropertydeals.com under the Free E-book Link. I recommend that after reading this book and you feel convinced that you are on the right path to achieving success in business – go for it. If you are already in business you will glean some ideas that will sharpen your skills.

If for any reason, you feel that your business is not performing at its optimum or just for information, I strongly recommend that you read my e-book and find out if there is any advice that may be of assistance. Extend an invitation to a Business Coach regardless of your stage in business and hold a discussion to ascertain whether you are comfortable with the person. There is always room for improvement. Everyone needs a Coach. Business is no exception.

The time has come to introduce Business Coaching in St. Lucia where dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs will be available to offer advice to potential and established businesspersons/entrepreneurs.

The local media houses need to be encouraged to provide business programmes to their audiences. It is necessary for us to accelerate small business education in St. Lucia. Give business training a real opportunity by sponsoring programmes produced by the public and private sectors. A few years ago, I hosted a programme on MBC TV, titled “Let’s Talk Business” when I interviewed a number of businesspersons/entrepreneurs who have gone on to do great things. Let us give our citizens choices so that can be exposed to information that can bring prosperity into their lives.

I will be back with another column on business next week. Stay tuned and be safe. Blessings!

Edward Harris
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