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Sedale – Let’s Dwive


You’ve dropped another banger and you have now turned up the heat on Carnival 2022. Give us the history behind Dwive!

I love that song lol. I had that concept in mind like 5 years ago but I never really wrote anything. In 2019, Shemmy coincidentally had the same concept and he also had a hook for it. When he sang it for me I told him I liked it and I wanted to do it. Shemmy and I have a nice working chemistry. The process for writing this song was fun. We went to Pigeon Island and just vibe out.

How many new singles would you say is ready for release from you and how many are already out and doing well?

I have a lot of songs in the stash and I have about 4 of them that I recently released that are doing well. Push Back on the Gas Station Riddim, It’s A Wrap on the Red Dress Riddim, Love And Soca on the Bright Moon Riddim and Beautiful featuring Taller Dan on the Spaceman Project.

You’re known for some of the best collaborations. Will we continue to see you sharing the stage with more musical talents in the Soca and other genres?


Yeah definitely, I believe in collaborating. I want it to be a surprise though lol but I’ll give you a hint. I have collabs with artistes from Trinidad, St. Vincent, Grenada, New York to name a few.

What are you plans and goals for this year’s carnival season? Are we going to see Sedale on the Soca Monarch stage?

This year is the welcome back year. We’re welcoming everyone back to St. Lucia, to our carnival, to our culture. My plan is to add my contribution through music and events to enhance the Carnival experience. I want to connect with people, I want them to enjoy themselves, I want to help them create memories. As far as Soca Monarch, I really haven’t made a decision yet.

We’ve heard the announcement that Carnival is back to its original route. Are you pleased with that decision and how much of a staple do you think carnival is to the island?

I love that we’re back to the original route. Our Carnival parade is one of the distinct features of our Carnival. I know there’s been a lot of talk about the potential health risks and I think we should be diligent in protecting the health of country. I also feel that we’ve reached a juncture where we have to normalize living with Covid, and as such, we need to move forward with life. I think going back to the original route sends the message that Saint Lucia is ready to move forward.

You are one of the more outspoken artistes on the islands. You often speak on topics that many shy away from, the most recent being royalties and media houses short changing the artistes. Why do you think it is important that you engage topics like those?

Miss Severin always told me I was outspoken. I believe my role is to be a leader. I’ve always relished advocating for the underdog, the underappreciated etc. so naturally when I see an unfair situation, I’ll speak about it. The royalty situation is simple in theory but complex practically. More dialogue needs to be had with all relevant parties.

Coming from this pandemic induced hiatus, what strategic moves would you point to that assisted in ensuring you remained relevant and what advice would you have for any artiste struggling to get out of the starting blocks?

To stay relevant I just tried my best to release music. It was tough. The pandemic inhibited me creatively. I couldn’t form a melody, couldn’t come up with lyrics, I had severe writer’s block. It took me a while to climb out of that zone. To any artists going through something similar, my best advice is to not over evert yourself trying to get back in your creative zone. Don’t feel like you’re the only one going through it, don’t add any more pressure on yourself. Let it come to you. Trust me, it will come back and you’ll feel a huge burst of creativity. You’ll be happier, more confident. Be patient with yourself, allow yourself to go through the motions. You’ll be blessed.

Scady before I go I hadda big up d Chops.

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