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How Are You Preparing To Depart This World?

“We all die. The Goal isn’t to live forever, the Goal is to create something that will.” Chuck Palahniuk

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Most persons do not like to even think about death much more speak about it. We all want to go to heaven but no one wants to die, everyone wants to meet their Saviour in the air during the rapture as detailed in the Book of Revelation.

There are persons who do not attend funerals of persons outside of their immediate family; others will not participate in the viewing. No one should be offended by such positions; everyone is at liberty to live life on their own terms. One thing is certain that we will all depart this world at some time. That is the truth of the matter. We will take our Memories with us and our Legacy will be lived by others.

There is no better time of year for putting into motion the resolutions we set for ourselves for the ensuing year. Every year there are unfulfilled dreams which are brought forward and in some cases put on the front burner. However, one continuous issue on the top of our minds will always be WHAT WILL BE OUR LEGACY? What we will be remembered for when we depart from this world? Life is short; many of us will be gone too soon. There will always be the issue of untimely death. Where do you stand on this issue? When it comes to Believers there should be no such issue as untimely death, since the Creator is the finisher of all things.

In drawing my preamble to a conclusion, it is my firm belief that every one of us will leave a LEGACY. The quality of that Legacy will be dependent upon the thought and urgency we put into creating it. Many of us will never be in a position to leave a strong financial Legacy but definitely, all of us should be able to leave a Legacy of Love and Respect. Beyond love and respect, we can also leave a Legacy of Knowledge.

It is my opinion that when someone is ever conscious of death, that person will live a caring and loving life, seeking always to fulfil his/her Christian obligation to love one another as he/she lives in the moment. All that is happening in the world today is due to the fact that those in power to effect positive changes in the lives of others have moved away from the fear of the Creator to the fear of evil men and women who are on a path to self-destruction.

Where is prophecy leading us? Since I was at primary school, I used to hear that God was coming for his world. If those persons were living in today’s world they would have been prophesying with more certainty that the end is near. People have changed so much in recent times. Humans are without conscience and ethical values are disappearing fast.

There is a need for us to get back to basics. Men must get back to the days when a spade was called a spade and nothing else. The truth must be spoken regardless of its implications. The good book states that “you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.

The moment of truth has arrived and it is for those of us of FAITH to steadfastly watch and pray. The signs of the times tell a worrying story but Yahweh in his own time will take full control and set his people FREE. In the meantime, let us live in a state of readiness to depart from this world, and when the time finally comes, let us leave a Legacy of Love and Respect.

Keep in the spirit of obedience as we strive from day to day to fulfil our commitment to Yahweh and to our fellowmen.

Stay safe!

Edward Harris
Freelance Journalist/Realtor/Business Consultant
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