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Let’s stop wasting our lives like we regret we were born!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

There was a time when the essence of life was to live to a ripe old age. Despite the hardships or circumstances in life, nobody wanted to die, be it of natural causes or in mysterious ways.

I know of persons living with chronic illnesses or who became disabled through aging, who would try to hold on to life for as long as life would permit, or as we would say “Until the Lord calls us home.”

I also know of dear friends that have and will spend their last dime to stay alive.  But it seems today killing or doing things that are deemed dangerous, seem to be no big thing. It seems that people do not value their lives, nor the lives of others, or place special emphasis on ensuring that they protect themselves from self-destruction.

Take the circumstance of bike riding or driving: Despite the many deaths recorded on our roads almost on a daily basis, it seems not to hit home or make a difference to the driving public or riders.

Some people don’t have a problem in snuffing-out the life of another and sadly they confess that it was done because they were disrespected, or the individual did them wrong, or deserved to die because they were a witness to their criminal behavior.

Now, with this worldwide pandemic and despite the facts presented or the warnings given by the authorities about the protocols that need to be adhered to, it all seem to fall on deaf ears.

To me, God’s greatest creation is the granting of life, the gift of life around us in the things we eat, the presence of animals and other life forms from the seas, to the air — and most importantly human life; and despite this heavenly gift we seem not to appreciate life and throw it away through stupidity and ignorance.

We seem to have a new propensity for destruction, we seem to love to take risks, we choose to eat junk or have unhealthy eating habits and despite knowing the dangers we poison our bodies with drugs and large quantities of alcohol.

It is so sad that we care not about the preservation of life in any form and that we do not cherish God’s gifts to mankind, or the opportunity to absorb the essence of life.

We have become destructive, vain, cynical and stubborn to the point of bothering on stupidity. In fact, we seem to advance world as well as human destruction.

Development in today’s world is about self-enrichment by any means, even in countries where they are educated to know the destruction that they can cause especially in the Third World through the advancement of their use of fossil fuels and other gasses that pollute the atmosphere and by extension add to climate change and this planet’s destruction and care not about the many lives that will be lost because of their actions.

What caused this thinking is baffling, and has me wondering what went wrong or how can we ever progress with this new state of mind.

Your guess is as good as mine, unless this mindset was forced into our minds and lives through mind-bending methods or through the control of mankind by machines or through vaccines.

Lord help us all, because unless we see life or things differently then we shall continue to wallow in our sorrows until it’s too late to turn back.

Let’s act to save ourselves today and not tomorrow. Let us stop wasting our lives away as if we regret we were born in the first place. Life is worth living while we’re alive, so let’s enjoy it to the fullest while we breathe instead of putting ourselves in a position where we can’t breathe through our fault, our own fault and our own grievous fault!

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