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God’s World Should Never be Hijacked by Man

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By Carlton Ishmael

Who would have thought, about two years ago, that human freedom would be so drastically curtailed?

There has always been division, or a difference of opinion, and in some cases a difference in culture, or religious or political ideology. But generally, most people were free to determine their own destiny.

All that changed with the advent of a world epidemic that forces persons to take sides, when one has only one choice of life these days — with nothing in between.

Now this new divide has caused factions, those that submit to the dictates of the state, and by extension the science or the recommendations of the state, and those who are hesitant, or cautious about accepting what they see as a kind of world dictatorship.

Those who choose to follow the dictates of the system are now discriminating against those who choose not to comply. The situation has become almost combative, with one side blaming the other for not complying or submitting.

One group feels themselves superior, made to enjoy more privileges or given certain priorities, while the non-conforming sector is being ostracized, slowly marginalized and segregated and condemned.

This new development and division is putting people one against another and destroying families and friendships and causing much discomfort. Those pros are busy expressing their opinions, and those who resist are being criticized and condemned to become outcasts.

It is so sad that such divisions are allowed to exist based on opinions and ideology. There is definitely a new world order and God is no longer the Supreme Commander of Life, it is Mankind and Computers that now dictate how life should be administered.

There is no way that Mankind can rebel because without toeing the line, all life support can be taken away from you. As we all well know, money makes the mare fly, but without some sort of life-sustenance (the same money) one is doomed.

The planet is now controlled by an ideology, a created system and a dictated way of life. Many are destined to be wiped out of creation, become extinct and non-relevant, while millions have already perished and numbers are growing.

The ratios and perceived-saved percentage of people who will be considered having the right to live are those who follow the new given laws termed ‘protocols’. Therefore, there is definitely a new worldwide ‘crime against humanity’ — a new plan of control over mankind and a new type of slavery.

As for me, I listen, I watch, I analyze and wonder what is next, and who is next and who profits from this new existence. I too may perish because of being defiant or hesitant, but the freedom of choice is the only form of liberty that Man still has to hold on to.

I think because this is God’s world, it should never be highjacked by Man.

There are two schools of thought: one governed by politics and the other governed by man himself. As to who is right or who should dictate or who should be in control, is up to everyone. But the way I see things, we have a heavy load to carry and an uncertain future ahead and the decisions we make today or tomorrow can and will decide our faith, including me.

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  1. Finally an article that makes complete sense. I to like being free to make my choices. I was given this freedom when I turned 18 and I do not wish for this to be snatched from me completely. I can see this is the road the world is heading to and I will fight to the end for my freedom of choice.

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