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A Combination of Immaturity and Ill Preparedness of Leadership

By James Edwin

Without any doubt the majority of Saint Lucians are now asking themselves how much more serious can this pandemic go before lives and livelihoods will reach breaking point.  This is probably one of the most serious answers to respond to, but no one really has the right answer.  What we as St. Lucians do know is the unadulterated fact that our current Prime Minister took the most unusual and compromising decision to expunge the rule of law when that ruling was most required.  There is no doubt that the current administration assumed office when the Delta Variant struck our shores and has created and is creating havoc within the health sector of the nation. 

Over the weekend, Saturday September 10th we witnessed some 296 cases.  Monday 13th another 138 cases, but even more worrisome has been 3 critical and 11 severely ill.  What Mr. Pierre failed to take into consideration when he expunged the law was the fall out.

With thousands now currently active and hundreds of workers within the public and private sectors at home, our economy is stumbling. Political gimmickry and flattery should not be enshrined within our system and today we are paying a dear price for this grave error.  The PM must now be forthright enough to acknowledge his error and reverse the errors of the past.  Unfortunately, the depth of the virus’ spread is so entrenched, that any decision taken today maybe insufficient to address how advanced the situation has reached, bordering on some 4000 cases per month.

It appears that the infection rate is in the thousands and growing. Even more worrisome is that diabetes and obesity are the top pre-existing conditions which accelerates casualties within the pandemic.  These are the failures of an ill prepared administration which did not understand the necessity for tough decisions when required.  The last thing Saint Lucia needs at the moment is the collapse of our economy, as all hell will break loose.

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