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The Deterioration of Social Media and the Airwaves

By Edwin James

SAINT Lucians have to be more on their guard today than ever, as the current propaganda and its consequences unfold. We have witnessed over the last six years the deterioration of our television and radio broadcasts. The most disgusting aspect recently has been the narrative of the PM returning home on a private airline which turned out to be grossly false. Certain talk show hosts are penetrating the undeveloped minds of our citizens and preying on their immaturity. These evil geniuses remain a danger to our society and must be carefully observed to deter their malicious behaviour.

On the other hand, there are other well-known elements within the industry whose connections are presently detained for serious offenses. Saint Lucia is currently on a slippery slope based on the adopted profession of several misfits. Unfortunately, Fair Helen may pay an extremely high price if measures are not implemented to curtail those vicious and unscrupulous attacks on law abiding citizens. The information made public regarding Sandals and Ryan Devaux was not only false, but the fact that a well-recognized indigenous bank appears to have revealed confidential information is indeed worrisome based on confidentiality clause within our banking system.

It is a known and acceptable fact of life that allowing conditions of such a nature to fester within a society is a recipe for disaster, as inducements within the system is dis-concerting and individuals are hell bent on seeking confidential information by any means, is simply not the professional way forward.

General elections are constitutionally due on July 12th, 2021 and all St. Lucians are fully aware that the Prime Minister has the final say regarding the announcement date, but the same naysayers who appear disenchanted and desperate to high jack the nation for unknown reasons are becoming angrier by the day in an effort to justify their dictatorial ambitions and behaviour. The current administration has the constitutional responsibility for the safety of the nation until July 12th, 2021, but the detractors fail to acknowledge those responsible for upholding the constitution. The Covid situation is alive and well as we witness the recent upsurge causing government to extend the protocols for an extended period.

The nation has done relatively well in keeping its borders open to protect livelihoods so what is so difficult in embracing the simple protocols requested by the Ministry of Health. Elections will take place as required by the Constitution contrary to those pushing their own agendas to simply unravel and create discord.

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