27 DFL Coaches Take to the Classroom

THE Dennery Football League (DFL) will be staging a Certification Coaching Course for members of its affiliates from today (Saturday 29th May) to Sunday 6th June at the Clendon Mason Memorial Secondary School (Dennery).

The course, which will comprise both theoretical and practical sessions will be centered around some of the following topics / modules. LATD / Physical Literacy, Role of the Coach, Fundamental Movement, Principles of Technical and Tactical Training, Session Planning and Laws of the Game.

Nine clubs will be represented by 27 young aspiring coaches and the League is pleased by the level of interest shown.

The course will be facilitated by local coordinators inclusive of Cess Podd, Emmanuel Bellas, John Sealy, Nigel Francis, Ashley Duncan and Solomon Alexander.

The Saint Lucia Football Association (SLFA) Inc. applauds the effort of the DFL in their efforts at strengthening capacity and the further development of the game.

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