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We must try hard to stop living and bleeding on hopes!

Image of Carlton Ishmael
By Carlton Ishmael

THERE are those who will gain dominion by virtue of being given the rights to govern and in so doing, set policy. But knowing from whence we came and the exploits of the slave trade and the colonially-dominated society that built us, our leaders and corporate citizens, should not allow a recommencement of that era again.

The world is filled with filthy-rich people and they are looking for new worlds to conquer, and they are also aware of the plight of some countries, especially in our part of the globe. But the opportunity they seek is not to help our cause, or that of humanity, but to amass more wealth and use the same age-old method of buying-off lands at the cheapest cost and reselling for tremendous profit, and personal gain, while in the meantime, our leaders are also looking for opportunities to impress and also amass their share of whatsoever deal was on the table.

The last five years have been troubling to me, as I have noticed an invasion and a gobbling-up of large chunks of land, at peanut prices that will be greatly profitable to the buyers and all the promises in the deal will only be a figment of an imagination. We are constantly living in hope, waiting for development projects to give us employment (as they say “to give us jobs”) and the price of that hope is causing this country to bleed and the only ones who are profiting are the buyers and the deal-makers.

We are selling out, we take from the people their lifelong possession – their lands – and squandering it and making non-profitable deals that can enhance our people and pocket it, or share it amongst a selected few.

Those actions will be documented in history and will be recorded as a period when some leaders chose to sell out, deal out, fool out as they go into self-benefit and deceive a whole nation.

This nation, meaning the people, needs to see what is going on and they have to pay attention to who is buying, who is selling, who is profiting and at what price is land sold for and if in the long run these decisions were good for the country, or for you and me.

And we must also be honest enough to ask ourselves if we are not responsible for reintroducing a new type of Slavery and another Colonialism on subservient inhabitants.

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